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mickey 2010-07-07 11:00:04


Hello Aum,

There are many schools in and around Hi-Tech city. As such u can use the search engine of parentree to know in detail. I have mentioned about schools in and around Hi-Tech city/Madhapur/Kondapur/miyapur/Gachbowli  in many discussion posts. All these are nearby areas.

As you are coming in Oct /Nov chances of getting admission in Chirec, DPS , BVB, JHPS, Future kids  are remote. There are many CBSE schools in this area.

How long are u planning to stay in India ?

You will have chances in Sentia- The Global School in Miyapur, The Creek  and Kennedy Global High School in Bachupally ,Manthan International and Merdian at Madhapur. If you are open to high structured fees, you can try in Oakridge too. It is a very good international school. You can also try in Orchids International school. It's fees is less than Oakridge.

Many NRIs are preferring Sentia. Its pretty good with good infrastructure and facilities. Recently Mummidi, a parentree member has joined his son in Sentia and is quite happy with the school. You can connect to him through inbox. The fee is around 55K without transport.

You can go through the websites of the above mentioned schools and talk to the management if required.


 If time permits u can go through the below links too to know more about schools.

Check out my reply to Battala on 23-mar-10 . You will get almost all schools in this area.


I have mentioned the websites of schools in kondapur in a reply to Beeneedi Venkat on 7-mar-2010


 Check out my reply to rj777 on 18-mar-10 in


 my reply to sangita  on 03-mar-10 for schools around madhapur

feedback about Sentia Global school

Pl donot get confused. I have already mentioned the schools where u have chances. You may call up and find out. Any help, let me know.



sandeepkm 2010-07-07 14:51:24


Dear Aum,

Among the schools mentioned by the ever-reliable Mickey, I visited Manthan International School in Madhapur. It will very close to Hitec City.

This is a new school, effectively first year of operations. It has a mix of CBSE and International syllabus for the primary section.


1) Management that is serious about education

2) Good bunch of teachers

3) Individual attention to students


1) A play ground - a play area is available though

We seriously considered putting our son there, but the only thing that deterred us was that there were just 6-7 students per class. Since we got admission in Chirec, we dropped this school. But it should be able to take your children during Oct-Nov.






Aum 2010-07-08 04:09:49


Thanks to all who responded. Its a good source of information to start the reserch work from:).  All the inter links in the blogs has been very helpful too.


pria223 2010-07-19 23:42:55


 Hi Mickey,

We are on verge of buying house in Kondapur area further to JHS.I need information on affordable good schools in and around Kondapur of 7km radius.I have 2yr girl. Only if there are good school with affordable fees structure around 20-30k would we should to Kondapur area. Please need your advice urgently.



mickey 2010-07-20 10:58:07


Hello Pria,

The first one which comes to my mind is MVM(Maharshi Vidya Mandir) at Kondapur.

It’s good and easy on pocket too and will be in your budget. The school is from LKG . You can see its reviews too in this forum by using the search engine. It has all the facilities and infrastructure that a school requires. My elder daughter too studied in this school for 3 yrs long back(i.e from Jun 2001 to   Apr 2004). In 2000 there were hardly any schools in that area. But over the years, it has improved. My friend's children are still continuing in the same school. Her son is in 8th now and daughter in UKG. She is quite happy. I have read in one of the reviews sometime back that the teachers are changing often. But that should not be problem for you right now. It must have been taken care of . You can always enquire about it.

In MVM , you can speak to Ms. Soumya on 040-23113196, 040-23111629

As such your daughter is only 2 now and you will have to join her in a playschool. Minimum age for Lkg is 3.3 to 3.5 yrs for CBSE board. But its better you join her at 4 or at 3.5+. It should be 4 preferably so that the child is active and does not feel stressed  out.

Right now she can join in a nearby playschool.  I have read good reviews about Little Einsteins at Kondapur in this forum from a parent (Prabha) whose kid is in the same playschool(Preschool) cum daycare. Your daughter can continue Nursery in the same Pre-school.

You can try for LKG next year (Nov'11) in MVM or Vignan. They will be in your budget .  Address of  Vignan  is

VignanVidyalayamHigh School at Phase 2, BHEL-HIG, Madinaguda , Chanda Nagar, Hyderabad 500050 . You can speak to Mrs .Ramani  in front office- (040-23041856) .

You can alternatively put her in Eurokids at Madhapur. It is also very good. My friend's daughter went to that school from Kondapur for two years before she joined BVB. Her daughter liked the school very much and wanted to go on holidays too. I heard the play area is small. Just have a look at Eurokids too. It will be your budget .

You can see SStomar's review too in the below link about MVM.

You can see prabha531 's review and also get in touch with her through this post or parentree's inbox to know more about Little Einsteins. They have transport, food and daycare facility too. Its at ShilpaPark, Kondapur.


 I would suggest you now to put her in a nearby playschool  preferably in Eurokids or little Einsteins. Get convinced with their facilities and the school. Then try for MVM next  year  as MVM doesn't have a playschool .



amajety 2010-12-23 14:31:53



  Can you tell which school is better -Kennedy or Sentia or Siver oaks?

My son is curerntly in Keneedy High the global school. I sometimes feel the syllabus is high. The standard of teachers is not that good. They have intimated of fees increase of 5k this year. So thinking on to continue or not with this school. What is your opinion?


mickey 2010-12-24 10:02:39


Hi amajety,

If at all, u want to change, go for DPS, Madhapur. Silver Oaks fees also would be higher. It is given by  venkata123 in

I feel Sentia is almost similar to KennedyHigh  Global. The fees however will be lesser than KennedyHighGlobal. The main advantage of Sentia is its low students:teacher ratio.  Look for its comparision with Kennedy and Silver Oaks by Deepukk in the below link.









Aum 2010-12-25 23:12:35


Hi All,

I am planning to move back from US in mid may 2011.From the discussion looks like this is the best time to apply for year 2011. My kids would be coming for 5th & 1st grade. I wanted to  get your feedback, regarding the admission exam for the kids?It seem to be scheduled some time in feb-march time frame .

I would be moving in mid may , so i am just planning to do all this paper work now & make a decision which school to get in when i move there. Any suggestions/feedback would be great.

thank you.



sunnypapa 2010-12-26 10:41:40


Not sure about Vidya Mandir but you can definitely try out Vikas, the concept school.


PSharda 2011-04-08 19:24:31


I am planning to shit to hyderabad (near hitech city)

can any one suggest some good school in and around hitech city >

I have searched on the net but very confusing i want to hear the personal opinions of the parents itself.





SunnysDad 2011-12-09 12:30:13


Hi Mickey,

Do you have any feedback on Silver Oaks school?


Raj007 2012-01-28 00:16:12


Any one can tell me MVM or DPS gachibowli which one is best? 'd like to join my son in 1st class.. let me know about quality of education and extra activities.. 





RezaA 2012-03-23 00:33:00



Looks like this post has not been used for quite some time ... Anyways .. I am a newbie to Parentree and would be a newbie to Hyderabad soon ... relocating from Chennai in mid april ... I hv a 4yr old son (who has completed his nursery from EuroKids) & am looking for good schools around HiTech to put him in LKG... from reading all reviews, which are a bit older, and by speaking to a couple of friends there .. I hv shortlisted few schools

1. Sentia

2. Manthan

3. EuroSchool .. the new one

4. GlobalEdge .. the older EuroSchool

5. Obul Reddy...

6. Meridian


If Sentia is following same EuroKids curriculum .. I may not be too interested... I am also not sure if it is too late to get admission in schools like Obul Reddy...

I visited Glendale and was happy with the school but would prefer putting my son there from 1st Grade .. so that he starts using the facilities... 


Suggestions are welcome ...



Ankit99 2012-03-23 01:04:09


I also wanted to include Claps International school to the above list, check it out.


Ankit99 2012-03-23 01:12:00


I forgot to add one more school to the above list Silver Oaks. I may choose among these two as per thier standards and fee structure


morasree 2012-06-11 12:45:38


Hi Ankit99,

Did you decide on CLAPS?




ahediyu123 2012-06-11 16:04:14


U can try out BVB's atmakuri rama rao school in jubilee hills too.... though new its a quality school....




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