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RSD 2011-07-27 06:55:48


 Hi Mickey,

                  We are relocating to Hyderabad in mar 2012. We will be settling in Kukatpally. I would like to know what are the good schools in kukatpally. Also when does the admissions start? Thanks in advance. 

 - Sireesha



mickey 2011-07-27 08:54:13


 Hi Rsd,

For which grade are u looking for ?

For LKG/PP1, it is better to approach the schools in the month of Nov/Dec'11 for the forms. Higher classes admissions depend upon vacancy followed by entrance test in the month of Apr/May'12.

You can find Kennedy Global High School & The Creek in Bachupally, Sentia-The Global& Vikas- The concept school in Miyapur and  Ladders & Sri Chaitannya Techno school in Kukatpally, MVM / Chirec & Sanskriti in Kondapur, DPS/Meridian/Manthan Intl in Madhapur.



RSD 2011-07-27 10:04:15


 Hi Mickey, 

                    Thanks for the quick reply. My elder son will be going to 3rd grade and younger one will be 1st grade.

      How are Sanghamitra, DAV and meridian? I heard that admissions to Sanghamitra start in august 2011 for the school year 2012-13 and it is hard to get an admission. Is it true? 

           Our budget is around 30-60k. How are the fee structures in these schools and are there any other good schools in this range in kukatpally?





mickey 2011-07-27 15:17:27


 Hi Rsd,

Yes,  there is a tough competition for Sanghamitra and DAV.  Meridian  in Kukatpally is a bit expensive and yet to evolove. 

The admission fee was 50K this year in DAV. In Sanghamitra , it is around 40K.
The annual and term fee is very economical in both these schools.
You can find the fee structure of DAV in its website.   

For class 2 ,the fee in Sanghamitra is 22K. 
It should be  around 20K or so for class 1.

You can also try Ladders in Kukatpally.



Saimohan 2011-07-28 20:44:06


Hi Mickey - Expert of Parentree,

I got good info by looking at your post in this site and got clarified few of my doubts on couple of schools.

I am planning to join my daughter in 1st class near kukatpally. I know I was late by a month or two. It happend because of some professional circumstances.

I enquired DAV and Sangamithra, the admissions closed long back.

I visited 'Sri Chaitanya Techno School' in kukatpally and 'Geetanjali Olympiod' in vivekananda nagar. I didnt like the atmospher in Sri Chaitanya since its very crowded and i feel there will be more no. of students in each class. Even I felt they will pressuraise the children.

When comes to 'Geetanjali Olympiod' also I didnt get good feeling because it hardly run in one building and dont have playground etc. I doubt on the activities to the children also.

Now, i want to look at 'Kennedy High - global school? can you please provide your feedback on this school? 

when i look at ur posts on this school, i got confused. some posts, u referred it but in one post(replying to Indu on 5th Oct,2010) u mentioned below comment.

"When you already know about Genesis and Kennedy , why to go for these schools. These days many schools are just putting a tag of being International  to lure the parents. Genesis follows CBSE till class 5 and then follows SSC till X. "

So, can u please suggest me on this school? whether its good to join there or not else can I look for others?





mickey 2011-07-28 21:17:52


 Hey Mohan,  I am not an expert......... ......Just trying to share info n help others in whatever way i can.....

Please go through Merry's reviews about KennedyHigh Global  in the below link. Kindly visit the school and talk to other parents n students too before you decide about this school.



Saimohan 2011-07-29 00:33:53


Thanks so much Mickey for sharing the info.

Now, I think its better to drop 'Kennedy High Global School' also from my list .

Which one else will be better? What about Creeks and Chirec etc?

Please suggest.


mickey 2011-07-29 09:07:14


 HI Mohan, Prefer Chirec if you are able to get it followed by Creek..


Saimohan 2011-07-29 11:49:34


Thanks Mickey.

I know Creek is in Bachupally. what about Chirec? Is it nearby to kukatpally? I will search over the net in the mean time.

you said 'Prefer Chirec if you are able to get it', are you talking about budget or getting a seat?

Budget is not a constraint if the quality is there in the system and if it is near to my place.

So, as per you, my first preference can be Chirec and second Creek.




Sai Mohan Y



mickey 2011-07-29 14:16:16


Hi Mohan,

I meant to say , prefer Chirec if you are able to secure a seat.  It is in Kondapur.
Kukatpally is around 10km from Kondapur.




Saimohan 2011-07-29 22:20:50


Yes Mickey.

I got it. I checked with Chirec, unfortunately the admissions got closed.

so, left with Creek from the 2 listed above.

I saw good reviews on Sentia from you and from others.

so, i want to consider it. I called the Principal, she said seats are available and asked me to come tomorrow, the fee structure is same. 50k for 1st class.

I come to know one of my friend is working in 'kennedy High' as project coordinator.So, with her recommondation atleast, there will be no issue for my kid from teachers, what others are mentioning....

Even i called 'Creek',there also admissions are open and they asked me to come tomorrow.

so, my options now are:

Sentia The Global School

The Creek Planet School

Kennedy High Global school

The order of preference also same.

Please let me know if I need to change the order.

In the same way, do u know any new experiences from the students who are studying in Sentia in the recent time?

Thanks Mickey.



mickey 2011-07-30 08:19:47


 Hi Mohan,
The order seems to be good. You can get in  touch with Chaitalikm through PT inbox to know more about Sentia. Her kids are presently studying in this school.

Check out Pujji's blog too on Sentia.

You could check out Vikas-The concept school in Miyapur (near Sentia) or  MVM in Kondapur too. These are establised schools.

Prefer Sentia followed by Vikas, MVM, The Creek n KennedyHigh.

If u feel Kennedy is ok now, pl go ahead.




Saimohan 2011-07-30 19:20:40


Thanks Mickey.

I visited Creeks,Kennedy and Sentia today.

I am impressed by Sentia and then Creek and then Kennedy (Same as my preference order).

I like the atmosphere in Sentia and they strictly following 25 people per section where as Creek is 30+ and Kennedy 35+.

All the other aspects also looks good in Sentia.

I didnt see commercial aspects in any matter and the staff looks professional.

So, I almost decided on Sentia.

Thank you so much Mickey for your valuable suggestions which help me to zero down on it.


mickey 2011-08-01 08:47:17


 You are welcome SaiMohan.....Do keep in touch......Have A look at Vikas-The Concept school in Miyapur too before u take the final call. It is near Sentia. 



RSD 2011-08-08 07:08:11


 Hi Mickey,

                 Any idea about the fee structure in Ladders? We are looking at Sanghamitra, DAV, Meridian and Ladders. We would prefer schools within 5kms around Kukatpally. Are there any other good schools around Kukatpally?


mickey 2011-08-09 10:09:56


 Hi RSD, Iam not aware of exact fees of Ladders but the school is quite affordable.



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