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HanuSai 2016-09-29 22:33:46


Have any of you heard of Cremon Montessori Life School? I had visited them however while they are a pure Montessori School uptil X, they seem to lack the infrastructure but have a lovely environment for the Pre-primary section. Could anyone give me some feedback about them?


Vijendra 2017-03-27 14:19:03


Hi ,

Can some one help me with good Montessori schools near Lanco Hills?


dpmom2 2017-06-27 11:58:26


For parents who are around madhapur or hitech city, please check ABODE Montessori & Multiple Intelligence School in gachibowli. My child loves the school and goes everyday happily

AgJc 2018-03-02 14:54:17


Hello everyone, my daughter is going to turn 2 soon and im lookin for a montessori pre school for her in secbad near marredpally. Would u recommend any good ones? There is bhavishya, any feedback on that school?

Hoping4thebest 2018-03-30 14:23:11


Hi all, I have a 2plus year old daughter. We live in Basheerbagh. Does anyone have any feedback for lumbini Montessori house of children?

ONKARESHWAR 2018-08-19 01:04:23


Requesting for help and suggestion.
I stay in kachiguda and looking forward to join my kid in good Montessori near by.
Having a great confusion which Montessori is best 
also what after  Montessori, Will child be able to cope up with traditional and conventional teaching methods?...

Kindly reciprocate to my doubt.

Onkareshwar A

Malkaji 2018-08-28 13:55:53


Hi AgJc ,

There are many parents who are not happy with Bhavishya because of their restrictions. I would list out few problems which I am facing.
1. Even in sever winters teachers do not allow kids to wear socks or caps . With this my daughter always fall sick. One point to notice is all the teachers wear socks throught  the day in school during winters and rains.
2. They have so many restrictions like kids are not allowed to wear full pants , no jackets , No button shots or pants , girls are not allowed to wear leggings , no colorful cloths .
3. I have been suffering a lot what to pack for my kid as she is a bit fussy eater. They do not allow 2 items in the snack or lunch box . And they do not let us pack good amount of quantity of food what my kid usually eats at home.
4.And so far my daughter never finished her lunch box in these 3 years and after 30 minutes even if she do not finish her food , aaya's ask her to close the box. My daughter always say that aaya was scolding her.
5. There are lot of mosquitoes in school and they are least bothered to take precautions and do not even allow to put neem oil to kids. My kid recently got dengue. 
6. Kids do cry in school because of the strict tone and behavior of the teachers.
7.Though they have sand pit they do not let kids to play . not even once so far.
8.No extra activities for Nursery , LKG and UKG kids .
9.There is one old teacher who always shouts at kids is what I heard.
10.You will be tired of listening to the complaints on your kid . For everything they blame parents .
12. Water bottles are not allowed in school and every day my kid comes out with dry lips.
13. For them completing syllabus is important . How much kid has understood doesn't matter. All they want is kid to perform well on observation day in front of parents. 
14. From every batch they select few kids and keep them upstairs . Not sure on what basis they select but all the up stair kids are good in terms of studies.
15. The only positive thing is Bhavishya kids speak English .
16. They concentrate more on kids who are learning well . Hardly gives time for kids who are slow learners. 
17. It would always be a surprise until your kid starts to explain what they did in school as teachers never say or talk to parents. They only complain.
18.I am not happy with their created restrictions and rules which benefit only them not our kids.

Overall I am not happy with school . Kids are precious , they should be taken care well. 

meenu15 2018-11-19 21:10:07


Can anyone give review about Taraporewala  Banjarmasin hills which has elementary level to 8th class

meenu15 2018-11-19 21:11:07


*banjara hills branch

Reachlekha 2018-11-21 16:47:09


Hi Parents,

If your kid studies in Pragya Montessori, could you please share your recent experiences with the school? Are you and your children happy? Would you recommend this school to other children? I have heard good reviews in the past and wanted to know its current state!


siri545 2021-11-06 11:45:32


Request you to provide feedback on Shriram Montessori school? Any of your kids are studying there?

deep82 2021-11-15 17:58:01


Has any one have any idea about Medha Montessori and their fees. I am planning to get my sons 6 and 10 year old admitted


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