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tomjerry 2011-07-02 07:52:25



We have joined our kid into Sanskriti this year,she is in 1st class now. I am not happy about the teachers there, I don't think they are well trained teachers. I spoke to Principal on this, she told that she will be replacing them with a new teacher. But I feel they should have concentrated on this very before.

Actually my kid was in St.Andrews, Secunderabad for LKG and UKG , now as we moved to Miyapur, we shifted her to this school. There are hardly 14 children in 1st class now, the teachers not doing proper corrections in Class Work books, she completed 2 lessons already in English, they are done with 'The Sea' lesson , and my kid does not understand what is "Sea Shore", she is just remembering spellings ...but actual meaning of shore she is not able to explain me.I was happy with St. Andrews, it is very good school, and I never faced such type of problems, I believe their methodologies of teaching were good, and all were experienced/well trained teachers, communication was excellent.

Now we are feeling on our decision, we are worried, we are thinking whether we had taken a wrong decision.

I just wanted to share with parents, so atleast parents will know about this.







 Former member 2011-07-03 21:05:38


 hi sujata

i sole agree with this point of u...because many of my friend children used to go there because we stay in kondapur. the school claim they are affiliated by CBSE but they are not.

they have poor teachers and not very qualified. they are graduate but not qualified as teacher and cant handle kids very well. thay are not creative and not dedicated as well.

they claim so many things but do very little.

principal is one big chatter box who sound very sweet but actually not worth of anything.

moreover it is very expensive compartively for younger classes. teacher dont even know english properly.

my friends have withdrawn their kids and put in meridian or chirec which are well known n worth for that money...

take an immediate step. it is all about child future. i m sure if base is poor the child may not perform well later in elder classes.



 Former member 2011-07-03 21:14:54



if the child is getting 4 extracurricular activties but teacher are not experience and well qualified then i believe it is sheer waste of child time and ur money.

they told that if kids are more in a class then they would have an assistant, but actually they hire 1o or 12 th passed who does not even know how to manage kids...


i m not happy with their term...

rest is ur call



sandyu 2013-07-24 16:43:45


Hi Sujatha,

I ma hearing mixed reviews on this sanskriti school in parentee discussion.

Some are saying its good and some not (as you). I wanted know how is the acadecims part is it worth to join my son in UKG



parentofone 2013-07-25 14:58:14


Dear Parent,

I have joined my kid at Euroschool gachibowli and i am very happy with the progress till now




Sima123 2014-11-07 10:00:46


Hi All,
Thanks for sharing your experiences here. It helps a lot to parents like us. We can wisely choose the school and ultimately future of your kids.
I m looking for help to choose school for my 4 year old boy in Kondapur. I m looking for current reviews on sanskriti and Arbor schools in Kondapur.
I read your discussions, so came to know that many of your children is going to Sanskriti school.
Please share your valuable input, so that we can take right decision for our kids.
Thanks you so much...


nitesh123 2014-11-23 09:29:07


I am planning to put my son in sanskriti Kondapur, Please give me feedback about sanskriti kondatapur school. I like the school, it has playground and each class will not have student more than 25. 


Sweety10 2014-11-23 11:35:14


Hi nitesh123 I am also searching for schools in hitech City, Lingampally and Kondapur. How old is your son? My son is 8yrs. We are planning to move from secundrabad to that area. My son goes to DPS a here but the fees in DPS Gachibowli is very high....other school also same so planning to put him in DPS only. Did you find any other good school please let me know.

nitesh123 2014-11-27 11:06:01


Hi Sweety10,
my son is 4 and half year old and by next year june he would finish 5 years and 4 months. I am also very confused which school to choose. You can try to put your son in DPS gachibowli but as per my knowledge you can't transfer from one DPS to another DPS. They all are franchise school. There are so many options available but we should have someone whose kids are going to school and then only we can get correct feedback. I visited Jain's heritage, Global edge madhapur, Sanskriti, Arbor kondapur. Arbor has nice space and playground and they have only ground plus one story building which is good. Jain's heritage seems to be congested. Sanskriti has playground but for classes they have 4 story building. 
requesting parents to help us out to find out good school for our kids.


Sweety10 2014-11-28 13:53:06


Hi Nitesh
 I just saw in today's times of India paper there is a list of schools with ranking....I don't know how much to rely on that. DPS is 2nd and Sanskriti is 11th. I have to visit Sanskriti coming weekend and then finalise.

10pri 2014-11-28 14:16:14


U guys can try euro school gachibowli

Soimya1234 2016-09-25 04:26:17


I also visited the school last week.when i was talking to a student of 7th class he was not able to speak in english.Even students are not smart enough Its not student mistake.I am not from south so i saw many students are talking to the teachers in telegu even the teacher is saying that they always speak in english. Coming to nursery and play school they do not have proper teacher who can speak properly. Before going there i thought i ll send my kid there,but after seeing all those things i stopped my plan.

Sreepadma 2016-09-27 22:17:14


Tx for the feedback, it helps others


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