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srinuboma 2011-05-31 15:06:03


Want to know which is the best schol in and around SR Nagar, kalyan nagar or motinagar. Pls guide me

daughters 2011-05-31 15:18:07


1. Sri chaitanya techno school

2. Nalanda High school

3. Narayan e techno school


srinuboma 2011-06-01 13:44:14


I want to know out of the below schools which is the best for LKG & 1st Class

1. P obul reddy

2. Sister Nivedita school

3. Hindu public school

4. Radclifee

Looking for extra curcular activites apart from Education. Looking for CBSE schools


mickey 2011-06-01 14:19:07


 Hi Srinuboma,

Prefer P obul Reddy followed by Radcliffe , Sister Nivedita and Hindu Public School.....
All are good when it comes to  pre-schools  as such.....

Radcliffe  has state -of- art infrastructure and amenities with smart boards too...
There are good reviews from parents of Pre-primary school (LKG/UKG).



padmapriya 2011-06-03 13:19:14


Hi Mickey,

All your information is very helpfull and thanks for this.i have a very big dilema please can u clear this.

My child studied 7 th CBSE board n bangalore. He is an average student with 70 %, but kind of child that allways he wants someone to push him back for him to study . All these years i am at his back but now that we decided to put him in a hostel in 8 th standard in state board in Hyderabad. First place we want him to be allways monitered so that he will do good in studies and so we decided to put him in narayana or chaitanya schools as we heard these schools do this grinding or may be we can call as contineous monitoring . but now we r in a big dilema whether to go for

Narayana etechno schools or to go for narayana iit olympiad.

our main intention is to concentrate on only eamcet as we know our child cannot swing with iit standard. But i heard the teacher student ratio is good in olympiad schools than in techno schools. i feel that if more teachers to guide the children more concentration will be there on my child i dont know if i am correct. My main intention is to have more interaction of teachers with the student so that my child will forcibly study. I think this is possible only if we have more teachers in the class. but since we r not concentrating on IIT can we go for IIT olympiad school? If he studies in IIT olympiad school will he be able to write EAMCET test well to get good rank?

when i contact these 2 schools they say both  follow the integrated syllabus but we cannot decide to go for E tecno school or togo for IIT olympiad.

Also we heard that 5 years contineous study should be there in the same state for writing EAMCET is it true?

Please suggest us which is fit for my child?


Thanks in advance for your support and valuable suggessions to parents and children.








mickey 2011-06-04 23:24:30


 Hi PadmaPriya, 

Iam unable to write at length now. Pl check ur inbox. U can call me after 5th June.




srinuboma 2011-06-09 23:33:47


Hi  mickey

I finally decided to stay at mehdipatnam. Request you to please guide me for good school near by mehdipatnam.

Admissions are for UKG and 1st class. I know i am late but need your help in getting admission in good CBSE schools nearby


mickey 2011-06-10 09:46:35


 Hi Srinuboma,
Happy Scholars in Mehdipatnam is a good school.
However this school is not till  class X. I have heard good reviews from parents whose kids are in this school. You could write to Pratyush through PT inbox to know more about this school. 



mickey 2011-06-10 09:51:35


 Hi Srinuboma, Glendale would also be a good option. The fees is a bit high. Chances are bright in Glendale for UKG and  1st. You may check out .



Pratyush 2011-06-10 12:02:55


Hi Srinuboma,

Happy scholar I found a very good is running past 42+year. Infrastructure wise you might not feel good but here education is their main focus. Only issue si school is till 2nd class and kids who scored more than 95% get promoted to 1st class.

Getting admission is very tough but just 2 days back session started you can diretly talk to the principal. But for UKG n 1st I'll suggest to look for senior school bcoz here again you have to change.

There is a school name i dont remember exactly..its some Blue Bird in Gudimalkapur near to market. I found it good. I'll check and let you know soon. 





srinuboma 2011-06-10 14:09:38


Thanks Sunita

I have took house in gudimalkapur, medhipatnam. I heard about Happy scholars but the same issue , admissions are closed.

Looking for good schools nearby. Heard about International school shaikpet which is around 5 kms from my place, how is this school.

Please guide me for good schools with in 5-6kms radius from Gudimalkapur, mehdipatnam.



mickey 2011-06-12 09:18:23


 Hi Srinuboma, International school of Shaikpet is an ICSE school. If u r okay with ICSE, it is a good option.  The fee is economical unlike other International schools.



Murphy08 2011-07-28 17:53:27


Hi Srinuboma,

Happy Scholars in Mehdipatnam is a very good school. Shums, I heard, is good enough 



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