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roses 2011-03-03 09:43:57


Has it happened to you: 

As a new mommy or mommy-to-be, you've come up with something silly or a silly mistake that you would not have ever committed in your life earlier ?

Let us share it here.

For example: Recently I was talking to my mother over the phone (cell phone) and at the same time trying to put things together before I rushed out of the house with my little one. Mentally I ran over the list of items that I usually carry with me:-Diaper bag - check, my wallet - check, juice - check, prepack of milk - check, car keys- check ....cell phone - no...not there. I spent a good time looking for it while simultaneously talking to my mother. It was much later that I realise that the phone was glued to my ear !


vandanav 2011-03-05 10:56:19


Hey Rose,

It often happens with me ....wen it comes to my spectacles. Like mamaji ki ainak.....

It once happend tht DH had booked for a movie and t2 was a year old i guess. I had to join him in some theater and he would come directly from the office. So on a short notice got ready and packed all that i could for t2.....and i left home. Always wen i leave i keep recollecting did i keep everything.??? Suddenly half way i realise that ive forgotten my specs. And i asked the auto guy to take me back...cos without specs cant watch the movie  Came home....ran helter skelter looking out for it...and i was almost to give up going...wen i ran my hand on my head in frustration ....and it hit my specs...... I was damned to miss the start of the movie which i hate missing.

I was so caught up with my lil girl and her things to be taken that....didnt realise my other set of eyes were already set on my head.....



Sohela 2011-03-05 12:00:12


I always do that with pen... i have a habit of putting pen in my hair... when i clip my hair up and while going throu files i put it in my head and at the time of writing keep searching for pen on my desk and its always there on my head... and my peon will say ' madam aap ke baal main dekho' hieeeeeeeeeeeee


roses 2011-03-16 03:24:03


Vandoo- That was so funny!! You must've been beating yourself mentally for being so absent to have spent extra on the auto fare and then to have missed the starting part of the movie!

Sohela- I guess that is what my son muct've noticed me doing and these days he is out to try it out ....putting a pencil on his ear. The regular size do not get balanced so we've been doing it with 3" long ones that you see in the library !


roses 2011-03-16 03:32:36


More recently:

My car had a HUGE scrape mark and a dent one morning. It was so big that my neighbor noticed it some time when I was driving back home and literally waved out and came running up to me to check if all was ok. Worried she asked me 'what happened...were you in an accident?'

I looked very sheepishly and had to confess that scrape & dent was my own creation reversing out of the garage.

My little one must've been so noisey or there was so much of distraction going on with him that when the car started scraping I did not even notice the noise and continued to reverse. The side rear view mirror came off and I had to request the librarian for some means of holding the mirror in place within the frame till we got that fixed! 

PS: Poor librarian she gave me some masking tape which held the mirror in place till I reached the garage where it was later fixed. Now I know what the interiors of the side rear view mirror looks like.



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