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RoshMom 2011-02-10 08:35:44


As parents we all enjoy every move or word of our children. There would have been N number of incidences when our little angels did or say something funny which you can never forget. So why not share it with everyone here.

For example my DS when he was 3 yrs old used to say "Dada, lets talk for a WILD before i go to sleep".  Used to be so sweet to hear that and we didn't correct it for a WILD (while) .

My friend's daughter used to say "Beg your garden".

Expecting other paernts to share such joyful moments with everyone.

sugsomsjai 2011-02-11 12:03:27


Even my son used to say something like this....if he feels like nauseating...he will say " amma gandhi varudhu..." it will be so cute to hear that...


yeskumar 2011-02-13 01:37:15


Its true,some peculiar doubts they would raise sometimes.

Once we were watching a movie(Tamil Movie "Ayyan", Surya starrer).There was a song playing.Surya and Tammana were dancing in a desert.My son 6 ,asked, Is that desert daddy? I decided to explain all about the desert in detail,and started, desert will be so hot... no one able to live there... it will be full of hot sand... and so on, satisfied myself with my explaination, asked him for doubt.

For that he replied,Dad you told no one able to live there as it is hot,then why did that anna(surya) and akka(tammana) went to that place for dancing?





RoshMom 2011-02-13 07:41:47


That's cute Suganya and  yeskumar, what your son asked makes sense....

Once I was reading a book on galaxy to my DS and i told that there is no air and water in moon. so no living being exists there. But my DS replied (when he was 4) "yes i know.. but only tom and jerry can live there. B'cos I have seen in the cartoon that they go there and do cool stuff out there!!!" ..  How much they believe what they see..


mickey 2011-02-13 15:54:54


 Once while returning home late night, my lil daughter who was 2.5 that time shouted at the pitch of her voice to stop our car. We couldn't make out why she made us stop ..She wanted to  switch  off the Street lights !!   Usually we make it a point to switch off the lights when not in use or while going out , so she felt that those lights were really of no use  and had to be turned off . We were stuck at that place for 15 min enjoying her sweet talk as she was in no mood to listen that why those street lights were on !!



nehab 2011-02-13 18:40:06


Once me and my son (2.9 yrs) where going out for a walk. At that point of time wind was blowing...... suddenly he shouted.... AIR STOP BLOWING.... LET ME GO FIRST.....(hawa ruko... mere ko jaane do..)


vans1234 2011-02-13 19:11:20


 today only we ordered pizza for dinner....while my hubby & DS were down playing,

me &  my  daughter  were home as the watchman called me (on the intercom)that pizza boy is i also called my hubby to come home soon......& then the most humouros thing happened,

My daughter went  to the balcony & in her full frequency called her DAD"amo baba coming" at least for 4 times.

i'm sure along with amo baba lots others heard this including dozen kids.


 Former member 2011-02-13 21:22:17


 Hahahaa,kids are soo innocent and at the same time very smart !! 

Once,when my daughter was 2yrs old,we were returning home from a nearby park on foot.

While walking,my daughter tugged my hand and i looked down at her.She was looking up and very sweetly asked," Mom,am i looking lovely ??"(mom,kyaa mai pyaaree lag rahi hoon ).I said Yes !!  Immediately she said,"Tho godi utaavo naa."(then why don't u carry me ??).

 I just couldn't stop laughing and immediately carried her in my arms to home. 


vans1234 2011-02-14 09:35:51


The other day  we were reading fairy tales....& my son (A) asked me" what does wedding means " ? I replied when boys & gals grow up they marry......just like i married amo baba.

My daughter quickly added "yeah & i'll marry A when i grow up " 

when i told her brother & sister dont marry......she bursted out in tears.


MauMom 2011-02-14 15:00:54


Haahaa, that was cute.

As a child even I used to say that I would marry my cousin brother. Mom tells, I once saw on TV, in some serial, the husband was beating up his wife. Since then I used to think, husbands beat up their wives and I did not want to marry. Or if at all I had to, I would marry my cousin who always used to be sweet to me


Sohela 2011-02-14 15:17:26


My mammu was just 1.5  years old.. and one day i was looking for  broom to clean the house... and couldnt find where it was kept.. he noticed it was under the sofa chair... and he got under the chair and got stuck ther only... and from there he started calling me " mama ... zadu zadu.."" i was so shocked he was stuck undet the chair but he was so happy to find broom for me.... i


RoshMom 2011-02-14 15:54:31


I remember an embarrassing incident abt broom. We had invited some friends over and my 2 yr old DS came running saying "I'm a bitch. i'm a bitch". first it was quiet embarrassing. B'cos he used to say 'B' for 'W'. it took a while for our friends to realize that he wanted to say "I am a witch" after seeing him riding on a broom. ..


shenu 2011-02-14 16:30:02



Im a working mom, go to work place in a twowheeler and while returning home i will pick my son who will be in day care ,he is 2.5 yr old now.A week back when we were going home, infront of us a young chap was walking slowly ,inspite of me giving a horn  he didnt leave  way for us and somehow managed to go !

my son saw this and " says amma namba,police kite pudichu kudthadalama andha anna  ?ve " ( shall we call the police and hand over him ?)

sometimes i used put a brake suddenly due to unavoided circumstances ,so he will always add amma paathu ponga ( look and go  properly amma)

LAst but not the least , usually i go first to work place later his dad will drop him in i go first out of home, few days back to my surprise he came out and said "amma vandi slowa ootunga,paathu ponga (go slow while riding and be careful) ,I said ok fine bye go inside ,he said " Neenga vandi start panitu ponga apuram naan ulla poren ( U start ur vechicle and go then i will go inside ) ",he behaved as if  he was so matured enough to talk all these sentences !!i was surprised and in the evening i asked my hubby whether he asked him to speak like that, he said no and he was busy inside !!



subhapunati 2011-02-14 16:44:00


Some times at night before going bed , i will tell my DH that i have a meeting in the office , so need to go early in the morning. I will ask him to wake me up bit early in the morning.

One day while going bed , my son telling his dad, Dad pls wake me up in the morning, i have a meeting in the school.


AartiR 2011-02-14 17:38:24


My 3yrs old usually swaps Letters in word, last weekend she said " I want Julab Gamun" She swapped J and G for Gulab Jamun , immediately my 5yr old asked "Mamma do we have loose motions after eating this?"


RoshMom 2011-02-15 12:27:22


A couple of months back around november, my DS kindergarten class was having a theme on Food and nutrition and as part of the reflection of the theme and thankgiving, they had a stone soup party and all the parents had been invited to make stone soup along with the children. The class teacher Mr.G gave a nice brifing " the children have been learning a lot about healthy and junk food. they have been having a lot of healthy snack everyday. they are awaiting to share what they learnt. so children what do we know about food and nutrition? ". My DS said " healthy food tastes yucky. Junk food tastes yummy".. Mr.G said with a disappointing look "Uh-oh. Mission unaccomplished"  I was like grrrrrrrrrrr..


 Former member 2011-02-15 13:43:53


 Once when my cousin's son was very young,we all went to a friends' house for evening tea.After some time when the hostess  was offering us tea,she asked,"Does your son drink tea?" To this his mom replied,"No."Every body else were having tea.

Slowly the boy slipped into the kitchen,when the hostess was there and said,"If you are so particular about tea,give it to me here..........i'll problem" !!! The hostess couldn't control her laughter !!! 


aanchal 2011-02-15 14:57:06


couple of months back i was changing cushion covers, diwan covers and dusting the drawing room nicely expecting some important kiddo asked me why i was cleaning and putting all new covers. i told him that some guests would come in the evening and that the house should look clean and good...when the guests came, my son greeted them like this, "aaiye aaiye, aaj humne ghar bahot saaf kiya aapke liye. ye dekhiye new covers bhi lage hain. ye sab humlog guests ke aane pe karte hain" (come come, we have cleaned the house nicely today for you. have changed covers too. we do these things when guests come)

i dont need to say how embarrassed i was


minny 2011-02-15 15:25:37


Aanchal...hahahaha....bachchu singh ne pol khol di...hahaha..



mickey 2011-02-15 15:38:43


 Aanchal....I can imagine how u must have felt .....thats how kids are......better be careful next time........LOL........cheers,mickey


MauMom 2011-02-15 15:54:32


Once my neighbor took his daughter (3-4 year old) to a circus. There were trapeze artists performing. The girls were wearing light peach or golden color bikini. Looking at them, this girl shouted, ‘Arrey usne chaddi nahi pehni’ (Oh, she isn’t wearing panty). Whole crowd started looking at the girl and her father instead of the circus.


yeskumar 2011-02-17 00:35:23


Kids are sometimes compelled  by the society to rewrite or adjust their good behaviors.

Mickey  you  convinced your lil one while she asked to switch off the street lights .But from then she may rewritten her behavior that switching off unecessary lights is only in our home  and not for other places.Similar circumstance once  I faced.

My son want to take leave for a Marriage function that day. (There is no grant of  leave other than health reasons in his School).I dictated him the leave letter,..As Im suffering from fever.....My Son interrupted with a high tone,with an irritated face ,"Daddy are you asking me to tell a lie???".  I convinced him eventhough I too felt guilty .But from then he too may adjusted his behavior that telling the truth is not a must always .


RoshMom 2011-02-17 08:09:28


I think many of us have faced this situation as kumar said.

An insurance agent had been pestering my dad to take a policy though we told him so many times that we are not interested. Once i happened to pick up his call and since i knew about this guy i said 'dad is not at home right now'. My DS screamed at his top of his voice " nooooo... nooooo.. Thatha is standing right next to you. can't you see??" It was such an embarassing situation and i immediately cut the line and somehow managed saying "Oh i am sorry i didnt notice him". that was really a big lesson for us that we should never tell a lie infront of kids.. .. .. esp small kids as they don't understand when it's ok to say lies..  


roses 2011-02-18 03:11:17


Very cute and interesting thread!! I could remember just one that my son has been saying these days but as I read through others...I could recall so many more!

Curious George is DS's (A) favorite character and he will pick up just about anything from there. There is one episode (actually 2) where they tell you "Righty tighty, lefty loosey" meaning if you turn any screw to the right it tightens and to the left it becomes loose. This comes up usually when George has a drill which obviously has an arrow on it. Now, if A spots an arrow anywhere he calls out ' Mama righty tighty'.

There was a Superman comic sitting on the shelf at B&N. A looks at it and says 'Mama, man wears diaper'. I explained it to him that it is a costume. Then he looks at the Superwoman's picture (the chest S logo on her costume was not obvious) alongside and he says 'Mama, lady wears diaper' :)!

Even A's teacher has been quite amused with his expression 'not working'. Just about everything is 'uh-ho, not working". She brought this up last PT meeting and I was surprised that so far he has not told her while trying to do pee-pee  'not working' happens often when I try to get him to pee. 

Before the India trip I was getting out my outfits plus the bangles etc. A strolls in and finds me sitting on my closet floor with all the finery around me...he looks at all the glittering stuff, tries to drape a sari around his head and then strokes my head gently head tilted says 'shweet...we (very) shweet'.  I found that so funny (i don't recall using the word 'sweet' with him ever). 


mimmy 2011-02-18 10:02:45


Very nice thread started by Roshmom!!

I have so many funny incidences to share as my son keep saying or asking me funny things very innocently....

My bro's marriage was fixed 6 months before and my bhabhi used to come to meet us...and bro of course...I told my son to call her "Mami". He was like "Why?" they aren't married yet..

After marraige, few days later, he asked me "they will have baby na now?"....i told him "No..not immediately"...He said "Mumma, but after marriage only baby comes na.."..    


 Former member 2011-02-18 11:20:09


I must share this. It so happened that , me, my Dh and daughter were sitting together when dh decided to ask our daughter, baby do you love this my daughter smiled and said "yes papa" papa dear wanted to prod further and he was like,

why do you love me??

my daughter looked at her darling dad and again with the same sweetness replied, mere aur koi papa nahi hai na(i do not have any other father na)..ha ha ha..what a moment it was.


minny 2011-02-18 11:33:51


Nice thread Roshmom!!

Whn my kidoo ws small around 1.8,her pronunciation ws nt very clear..She has got sum problm in her ear n doc told her tht "Plz dnt touch ur ear"...Thn one of our frnd came to house nxt day..n she ws tellin him tht "Dnt touch my eiillaa (ear)"..our frnd didnt get her,so ws askin again n again ....finallly she scratched her head n told "Arey...dnt touch my "KAAN"...


subhapunati 2011-02-18 14:05:29


Last september we went to shirdi for first time. Unexpectedly we went to aarathi and my kid never seen aarathi before any where in sai baba's temple. After 10 min of aarati he got bored and asked me , mamma when these ppl will stop singing rhymes , iam getting bored.


vans1234 2011-02-22 14:50:25


 Son :  i'm gonna back my country india  in this world cup  as i'm born in india.

 Daughter :  still thinking what to say (as she is born in America)

Son : America is not even which country u'll support ?

Daughter :   ran after her bro to take revenge.

later i realised its good sattire for those who are  desperate to get their kids American Nationality.

no offense pls  its just a joke.


mimmy 2011-02-22 15:11:09


This one is with my FIL...

B'cos of my tooth pain, i was talking with sign language...

FIL wanted to ask me something........he came to me and started to make signs........

He didn't realise tht he could speak....


pinni 2011-02-22 15:27:23


Recently we had been to gopalan cinemas to watch a 3yr old son was watching  for first time in a theatre.after about 5 mins of watching he said"amma i dont want such a big TV i want small TV. i do not like this please give me the remote controller of this TV, i will put other channel"



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