Cosister prblem

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122456 2020-03-16 00:56:10


Hai mam I am farzana from trichy I am a house wife I am the elder daughter in law in my family .Me and mil is in good terms she have 2 sons first is my hubby second is my bil he got married and my cosister was very sweet in the beginning she used to talk very friendly to me ....then she got littel jealous coz since my mil doesn't have daughter I have 2 daughters so she used to take care a littel than her son she used to me tat mil like ur kids than me but I used to tell not like tat r mil is very kind to all kids .one day my hubby said to my co sis tat y ur keeping on going to ur mom house she got angry and fought with my hubby tat u have no right to tell me so we were not talking each other for many days then we were normal again my fil asked some jewels for business I helped but she dint everyone told to help but she dint help n said tat her future is important so we left I fought with my mil y she is not helping then she bought her family n shouted to my mil fil about the jewels matter n talked to everyone so iam not talking to her at all we used to do cooking see each other but we wont talk she dint care abt this but I used to think abt the fight so plz help wat can do now ....

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We live in same house


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