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geethasan 2013-10-01 13:36:55


Hi all
We are constructing a house in a 1200 sq ft land area. I would like to get some ideas about what all things I should take care about and how can i use the space more effectively. the building area is about 950 sqft only. As of now we have planned to build two floors with the ground floor left completely open for parking coz of govt rules. The building has come to the level of concrete/ceiling of first floor but the outer covering of the building is not yet completed only the ceilings for the first floor is put.

RoshMom 2013-10-06 06:04:28


Hi Geetha,
Some suggestions I can think of
1. Utilising the space below the stair case as a book shelf or TV counter or a storage space depending on the location of the stair case.
2. have an open kitchen so that the kitchen and dining would look spacious
3. Try to have a kitchen island or the counter top in between the kitchen and the dining area in the open kitchen so would get some storage space under the kitchen island and also you can the island as the dining table if space is the constraint
4. Use lighter color shades for the walls and the tiles. The room would look spacious
5. Plan to have an attic or a storage area above the bathroom ceiling with the access from the outside of the bathroom
6. See if you can make provision for the insulated pipes for solar water heater at this stage of construction instead of installing a geyser. To save electricity.  
7. Use the bay window as window seat with cushions to make additional seats in the living room. 
8. While buying furniture, look for the ones which are effective on space utilisation like the foldable dining table, bed with storage space under the bed, use bunk bed for kids room. Etc. 

rajn 2013-10-12 13:26:13


Hi Geetha,

I am an Interior Architect would like to ask a few questions, before i advise anything on this.

1. What are sizes of your plot
2. What is the facing
3. Did you appoint any design consultant

nithyae 2014-04-21 14:42:57


Hi geethasan,

We are also constructing a house. I need some info regarding modular kitchen and other wood work to be done. Have you taken any consultant help or did u get it done. Where are you put up.


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