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hiradhu 2011-06-20 10:58:59


 Am looking for a space saving bedding idea for a 10x12 room - 2adults and 2kids. 

The room also hosts a wardrobe and small chest of draws.

1. Some of the options I had explored are 2 kids bed that are mounted on to the wall one on each side. The beds can be collapsed when not in use. A double bed kept on the floor level (cot) for the couple. 

2. Bunk beds for the kids with a trundle bed at the bottom for the couple. Problem is there shud be space for the trundle bed when pulled out.

any ideas?!!


MiliKataria 2011-06-20 12:48:30


 First step has to be to create some space in the room: Try and see if you can move the cest of drawers into another room/living/dining area

Two ideas:

Idea 1:

1. Use a sofa cum bed for the adults. This was you will be able to save space in the mornings

2. Use a bunk bed for the children


Idea 2:

Try and explore getting two sofa cum beds for all of you. Ideally get the full foam beds. These save space,  are comfortable and movable. You can actually use these as sofa in your drawing room and move into bedroom for sleeping.

Alternately you can have the kids sleeps in the drawing room.

Check out:

I hope this helps... All the best.



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