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When we started looking for a play school for our two and a half year old son Harveer, we settled on Wunderkinder after visiting around 10 schools.
Our decision was made instantly upon meeting Ajay and Ashima Chawla. Wunderkinder, being their baby, reflected all the passion and care they had put in to build a joyous haven for young ones stepping out of home for the first time.
The school's environment, both physical and non physical, makes Wunderkinder a delight for children and puts their obviously anxious parents at ease. The architecture allows ample space and light and the entire staff including teachers and care ladies work sincerely towards concentrating on every single child's personal capacity and growth.
This being the only school that incorporates the Vygotskian philosophy of key to learning, their  sessions are extremely well planned and are easy as well as interesting for children to follow.
Charming events like the story telling week, sports day and their annual function La primavera kept the tempo upbeat throughout. It was unbelievable to see such young kids  perform so well at these events. It exceeded our expectations. Ashima has a gift of the art of story telling. The best part about their annual function performance was that each and every child of the entire school had their roles or parts to play. And the theme of the performance was too cute. It was amazing the way they had made every child deliver dialogues (very difficult to get it done with such young kids that age)
Their learning was seen in the way our son used words at home like big, medium, small.
One day he mentioned that the hedgehog has many prickly sharp thorns like needles all over its body.
Once he mentioned that during autumn the leaves turn orange and then they fall.
Never once we had any issues regarding anything related to the school. They were always very prompt in sending updates, informing us about each and every detail about every event they organised or every piece of instruction they had to send to parents.
The dedication with which Ajay and Ashima work in the school and the focus they put on its complete functioning deserves an applause.
We, as parents, would recommend this school to every child and wish they grow to a bigger school with higher classes. It's a second home for the young ones. And Harveer never wanted to miss a single day.
We Give this school an Outstanding rating.


Wunderkinder is the best thing that could have happened to my child rudra. Last two years association has been wonderful, it has laid the foundation for developing great language skills, habit of story reading, amazing positivity and confidence. It focuses on life long skills rather than just the abc's and usual nursery rhymes... Its the "how" of teaching thats different for them, the child learns the usual but also learns much more. I simply love to see rudra ask me to read stories, tell me things which i dont know. I am a proud parent who has expreinced their preschool and daycare. Kudos to ajay and ashima for bringing to india such a unquie methodology of teaching which no preschool offers, i have visited atleast 15 to 20 so can say it with confidence. Though my son will go to big school now, i just dont want to leave this place and will continue my association with them through daycare, amazing summercamps. Thanks a bunch for wonderful two years.


Like every other parent I started my search for a preschool for my 2 yr old son by visiting umpteen numb of schools and finally ended up with Wunder Kinder.....My very first visit gave me an instinct tat this s going to b de ideal place for my child to groom in..& I was absolutely right each day in WK made de most of mithuls early years in a fyn way of learning as de focus was not only in developing his skills but de teachers did give importance to his emotions as wel.. Our little hero amused us in few of his performances at school..Yeah I ve got to mention abt his sports day in WK..V were totally impressed watching de performances since all de kids were so keen n completing de race by getting over all de hurdles rather than winning de race or coming first tat was True sportsmanship..I really liked de way de kids were trained with real value of sports..WK ensures tat there s learning with values in every activity de child does. Loads of thanks to Ajay & Ashima "The Amusers" for all this & its cos them tat not a single day I felt mithul was away from my hands...


When we started our search for a play school for Shashwat, just like any other parent we wanted the world for him. We started collecting feedbacks from where ever we could get some, hit internet for reviews etc. and also started to visit schools. Although after all this grueling exercise, we did make a decision which was not exactly Wunder Kinder, yet we were not really able to let go of Wunder Kinder from our minds. Two reasons


It is has been one year for Navvya with Wunder Kinder  and I can only thanks and thanks to the Ashima and Ajay for their Effort .
It is a great preschool and I am very much satisfied with the effort you guys are putting in for childrens .
Wunder Kinder Celebrate each and every festival with full enthusiasm.
Navvya has learned a lot and credit goes to you . I recoomend this strongly who is looking for preeducation / Day care for their child.
I can work with free mind when you guys are with her.

Thanks  a lot
Rupali Agrawal.


One of the toughest decisions in a parent life is to select first school for their child and I must acknowledge that I am very happy and content to have selected WUNDERKINDER for my child Ishita Rastogi. WunderKinder is the first play school for our baby ishita and likewise Ishita is the first child enrolled at wunder kinder ( roll number WK - 001 ). Ishita had been going to wunder kinder for 8-9 hours every day from May 2012 and I must confess that both of us being working parent are thankful to wunder kinder teachers and director ashima for taking such a good care of our child. Wunder Kinder has got qualified and caring staff with good ground rules and stimulating curriculum. It is the teachning methodology and attention on practical learning like teachning about birds/animals and then taking children to zoo, teachning about rail transport and then taking them to rail museum to build on the bookish learning are just two examples. They celebrate all occasions like independence day, dusherra, diwali, chrismas, govardhan etc etc which helped my child know about them. On personal note the teachers click photos of my chils during various activities and share the same with us. They also write about the daily acivities in her diary. The daycare where my baby spent 6 hours daily has got clean and healthy settings with the necessary safety measure in place. The have got a good and airy basement with well placed pillars so that children have a great place to play. The food provided is also specific to child needs and likeness. Speical care is also been taken in case child is not feeling fully well. The trust that wunder kinder had build over all these months has allowed us to go to work and concentrate on our careers. Ishita has grown not only physically but also mentally and we can see the change in her which is a reflection of safe, caring and nurturing environment of wunder kinder. I must add that when my child wake up in the morning she is excited about the fact that she will go to school ( even on weekends ) she will say in her words.......' Wunder jana hain '......., this is very very gartifying because as a parent you feel less guilty about leaving your child. I recommend if you are looking for a play school/daycare for your child to atleast visit the school and see its facilities and staff. I also have special praise for director ashima who genuinely seem to enjoy caring for my baby.




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