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My daughter has been attending this school for past 3 years (pre-nursery, nursery and now KG), and we've been extremely happy with the school. When my kid started going she was 2 years 3 months old, so we really wanted a school where she could adjust easily and get care/warmth as home. And we're really glad we made this choice.
Staff: Her pre-nursery teachers were rockstars. My kid really loved them (as did others we believe). The nursery teachers were good too, and now the KG teachers are again excellent. There's a lot of focus on individual kids and the teachers did identify & highlight our kid's strengths & improvement areas. We loved the Principal as well, but she recently quit and there's a new one. We were alarmed but haven't seen any change in the school thankfully, as the most teachers have been there for long.
Security: It's a secure, cosy building, so you don't feel the small kids will be at risk. Male staff are 2-3 few (cook/guard) only and their entry inside the building is closely monitored. They don't have CCTVs in classes (I think) which we felt as a risk early on, but they allowed parents to be in class or at the lobby for the first 1-4 weeks of the child's joining - which really calmed my wife's nerves.
Food: Food is cooked and served in school. Kids can take their food early on, but they have weaned my kid off home food well. Since kids never share what they eat, the most frequent question from all parents during pick up is if the kid ate well. Staff does know and answer properly (if asked). Never has my daughter complained about the food. Often she'll talk about something she really liked. Somehow they're able to make her eat foodstuff that we can't at home - anything new my kid tries, she's first had at school.
Learning: I think my kid is doing quite well. They do a lot of worldly knowledge for small kids (about plants, environment, animals, family, helpers, etc) apart from alphabets et al. Also do book-reading, knowledge trips (metro, library, fire-station, park, botanical garden),  yoga, dance, meditation, music for kids. A lot of events are organized (grandparents day, siblings, fathers/mothers days, major festivals). So kids prepare for them and have fun. Hardly any homework, but simple stuff. Weekend library book to read at home. Lot of learning through Montessori style.
Manners: All kids seem well behaved, well spoken, sharing, friendly and happy. One-odd kid turns out to be a noisy child, and the teachers help other kids learn to cope/defend against them (saying no, protecting their toys). I really liked this aspect.
Infra: It's not spanking new, but the school has everything and well-maintained, clean. Enough activity stuff for kids. Most times kids are doing DIY stuff, which I really like. For sports day/annual day, they utilize the Pathways World School facilities.  
Transport: Most parents pick/drop. They have a couple of Innovas for transport and I only see 4-6 kids using them. Not sure about day-care kids though.
Some may say the school is costly. But the difference isn't as big as in senior classes. I'd say for very small kids, it's a great environment to begin schooling. Also, no hidden costs - we hardly have to shell out anything beyond fees through the year.

Overall, highly recommended.


It has been a year since my child has been going to Pathways Early year Orchis Petals. It has been a wonderful journey for me and my child. I feel secure leaving him in the warm and comfortable environment of the school. In the evenings when I come and pick him up the smile on his face proves it all.


Worse experience with this school. Admitted my child with the assurance of the Principal that they have experienced staff and can get a child adjusted very well in few days time.But everything about them went wrong. They dont have as much staff as required Staff is not capable of handling children. They cry most of the time. This attributed to inexperience staff. Meals designed for preschool children and infants are same. Served pasta with tomato sauce to 15 months old child. When objected, next time they served macaroni instead of pasta:p. When i withdrew my child from that school,they refuse to refund my money back.




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