Kinder Valley International School - Gurgaon

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Kinder Valley is the best play School in Gurgaon. The activities are very nice. I am really grateful to the Kinder Valley Team for giving extra attention to my child. He wakes up in the morning and wants to go to School. It is very difficult to explain to him that the School is off for Summer Break. I have now put him in the Summer Camp at Kinder Valley. Beautiful surroundings, best Teachers and above all a second home for my child.


My son's goes to Kinder Valley School and the Day Care and I must say that it has been very satisfying to see how he's developing there. The school's faculty, especially the Principal Mrs. Meera Narain, are wonderful and responsible people. They take care to ensure a nurturing and stress-free environment for children in the pre-primary age group. All the Teachers are very warm and caring and they really seem to enjoy their work. They pay individual attention to each child's learning, emotional and development needs. The School is run by a Society and is on a notified School site.




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