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Great school. 


Good school value for money kids are exposed to various extra curricular activities. Its true that in class kg homework pressure is there but its just worksheets which i found necessary to inculcate habit of reading n writing in kids. My son enjoy going to school n my daughter is in the school for last 7 yrs never had a problem. Moreover i don't find it bad if a driver gets opportunity to upgrade his or her vocation by becoming an instructor provided he has necessary skills and qualification.




true kids keep writing the whole day. too much homework. worst people in admn. teachers are inexperienced. very rude staff.


I totally agree with the first reviewer that this is a pathetic school. Let me start by telling that my ward has performed average in this school. His schools work is never completed, and there were other problems which forced us to go and talk to his teachers but they were only interested in putting all the blame on the kid. They said that other students are doing fine and named 3-4 students in the class as exceptional. The most pathetic aspect was when they said your child may be subdued because other students in the class are so smart. And what had my head spinning was that the school bus driver is now the skating coach in the school :( My advice - don't fall for the glitter. Avoid it.


I am inspired to write this review about KR Mangalam Gurgaon after facing absolute callousness from school staff in every manner. Yes school is good for those who are interested to just splurge their hard earned money. The sole factor that drives this school and managementis "Money". Teachers lack experience and is reflected through their attrition. Moreover teachers are not interested in the development of child. Focus is more on leveraging strength of god gifted children but no strategy on how to develop average child.. They try to be more elite.. but all that is more superficial than any substance... Had terrible experience with school and staff including higher authorities. They had plenty of email addresses but no one bothers to respond. Principal is completely closed. Would not recommend parents to waste their hard earned money helping school to extort more parents


Its a very good school with staff giving importance to all the children


Not happy at all....staff lacks experience,too much emphasis on home work.....




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