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Lancer International is a wonderful school, with a great learning environment and wonderful teachers. My child studied their till 2nd grade after which we moved to US.I believe the school gave him an international exposure and made him a confident child who can learn and compete any where in the world now. 


My two children  aged 9 and 5 are doing wonders in the school. Always having positive attitude towards learning, the attribute nurtured by experienced and dedicated teachers of Lancers. My children are well exposed over 15 countries. They feel comfortable in terms of academic environment in the school and wide range of sports activities. I am really satisfied as a parent and would highly recommend to ones looking for truly international curriculum for their child/ren.


The school looks to be worst in terms of teacher retention. Every  PTM you see new principals, teachers and other staff and curriculum is hardly completed.Later, I came to know that the school underpay their staff and both the directors hardly listen to its staff. 
Probably that's the reason they have got only 200 students in their 4 year. I withdrew my children from their and got them to Pathways World School.


Just wanted to share that I am glad that I choose Lancers for my child. The curriculum is child friendly, amazing sports facility. My child is doing wonders.I would certainly recommend Lancers to all parents who are seeking admission for their child(ren).


I just want to share a very positive feedback about Lancers International School,Gurgaon. I am so happy that I chose this school for my children- 6 and 10 yr olds.The positive changes that I have noticed in my children and the way the school has moulded them- hats off! They love the food there and do not want to miss a single day of school. I am tempted to write a review here so that someone else can also benefit the way I have. I also find it very conveniently located and from Ballet to Guitar,Pottery lessons, everything is provided.My children came from a CBSE back ground and I did not know much about the IB, but now I would choose the IB over CBSE any day. Can go all day writing about this school. Have absolute great respect for this place.


I just wanted to share our very positive experience with Lancers International School, Gurgaon. When looking into schools in Gurgaon we found a lot of criticism circulating around a lot of International schools - Lancers included. We selected Lancers International for our 3 yo and 5 yo. Our children were previously in Sydney so obviously a big move for them. From just our short time we have found the school to be superb. The Primary Principal and teaching staff have been extremely responsive and professional. Great quality of staff - as a previous teacher I have a good antenna. We feel quietly confident with our choice of schools. Well worth investigating for yourselves.


Lancers international school is the best thing to have happened to my son outside home. He is learning and gaining confidence as I wanted him to be! They are fully focussed on the child potential and ability and nurture it very delicately.My son's nature is to remain fully engrossed into something. He is not able able to take pressure lightly. In this school he remains enthusiatic and even reaching home after 10 hours including commutation and extra curricular activity he returns home happy. He has learned all good habits of reading books of his interest, completing homework on his own, understanding the concepts not merely learning it, extra curricular activity like not only violin, tennis but cooking too!! Anyway, it might sound too positive but its my real experience. Now i m worried about my younger kid who is 3 yrs. and I won't be able to send him to LIS for one year due to distance. where to put him?


yes , you can close your eyes in many things since all us know that there is no proper schooling in India but good business.Food and other things like teacher -parent relation I'm OK with it , same with education ( well y any way in whatever school child , have to put 70% to his education on our own) so that all fine but ADMINISTRATION is total disaster, and the Sims have no idea what to do , and what they a doing. without any communication with parents they over night change school to day boarding now we have to keep kids till 3 or 4 pm, and pay 120 % more then before summer holiday come!! without any letter any info, they just put 1 month before school reopen on the web and that's it! its insensitive, unethical and illegal behavior! sad that no one is able and interested of taking any action against such harassment. Kids like the school and would not like too take them any else, but this thing is not fair, and i have to look to kid happiness and goodness as well where school is fare to consider All parents are told the same by Prenita that everyone is happy and no complains regarding changes, surprising couse as i know there is many who do not appreciate at all!


I have put two kids there and was intially impressed by their enthusiasm.However the school lacks the spirit and is nervous to experiment and launch new things.It is taking cautious baby steps slowly. Teacher-parent interaction is bare minimum.There is lack of friendliness and warmth.Lot of parents have joined and left.


we had a harrowing time in a lot of schools in gurgaon especially banayan tree. our child was bullied and beaten every day. when we enquired the teachers themselves had no answers to give. and yes no discipline at all . just 4 kids cant be taken care of. we shifted our son to lancers international school. and well at least that trauma of bullying has stopped . it has taken almost close to 7 months and now things are fine. i have put my younger son also there . cant say if it is great as it still too early but children are loving going to school. my wife is relaxed. yes i am sure they r having some teething problems but being a new school stil better at least for us . it was a nightmare and pray to god thas is over


At least 12 parents have pulled their children out of this school due to the administrative mess they are in.


I thought to admit my son in this school.But when I inquired about the fee structure, I found they charge exorbitant fees (all sorts of). Later on one of my close friend shared his wife's experience of working with this school. It seems management lack vision in this school.




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