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Would like to tell all at present my kids are in this school where it is really difficult for me to find any faults...especially with the kind of support i have been getting from the teachers & the management.

The School has a huge campus.......basket ball court...playgrounds....air-conditioned huge class rooms... areas.....auditorium.....library...... & many more things , in all an excellent blend of modern technology & values of our culture ensuring the children get  knowledge but are grounded to their roots.

I am a parent who wants a good school to remain for all children to get a excellent education & also would want other parents to know that all big schools that glitter & not really shining from within. These days it is a rat race for admission same in Gurgaon...we follow our neighbors..or under false promises are convinced by schools to join them....but truly in the present school where my kids are going to has never ever made a false promise.


We had taken admission in this school falling prey to the false communication of the school where they had mentioned there are "lot of admission enquiries" and emphasized that there will no more than 15 children in each class. We took admission and promptly paid fees for standard I and IV for our 2 children. 
While there are no more than 15 children but to our shock there were only 2 children in standard IV when the academic year in 2014-15 started. Even in standard I there were only 5-6 children. We decided to withdraw admission immediately as in our view, there is no competition, opportunity to learn the spirit of team-work and leadership. The school claims that the teachers are trained to build these but without children in the school, building such skills is not practical. We lost a lot of money in the process.The school administration curtly showed us a rule book and refused to admit the lack of proper communication.
Hence please be extremely careful while taking admission in this school.


I have a good experience with Banyan tree school. I have only one son who is studying in banyan tree world school. The infrastructure, activities and personal attention is the best part of school which i get for my son.


I have my son in this school. We recently shifted to Gurgaon and I was Worried for my son as he is an introvert by nature but after joining The banyan Tree World School I find that he is much active now and participates in every school activity. He is very happy and excited to go back to school on 2nd July. I am glad I choose the school.


The school put up a fantastic show on their Sports Day. They gave certificates to all students, each one was on the victory stand - The children's smiles said it all.


good school with excellent curriculum.


horrible messy school. bullying is endemic and no one has any idea about what to do. just 4 kids cant be taken care of thats what was the story for clas 2 . teachers untrained and no one has any clue including the principle who can speak any lenght about children who need special care but those who r ok are dumped into cold water . horrible nightmare


Both my kids study in this school for almost 2 years now. I found that my children look forward to go to school everyday, as if it has some sort of magnet. It was a conscious decision at our part to enrol our children in this school, as this believes in giving freedom of pace of learning to children and give such a learning environment where children can become independent learners. No burden of home work and no fear prevails in this school. Highly recommended school for those parents who believe in providing best learning environment to their beloved children. Do write to me for more information and my experience with school management. Cheers!!




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