Happy Faces Playschool and Creche - Gurgaon

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My kid went to Happy Faces for almost 7 months. And I had terrible experience with the owner lady. She is a whimsical lady and does not pay any attention to parent's concerns and complaints. At many instances, I found that she does not pay any attention to the kids around as she is always busy attending her grandson. Her grandson is 5+ years old yet behaves like a 3 year old kiddo. He bullies other kids and expects them to play with him at his will. The owner lady only focuses on feeding him and taking care of him. other kids are horribly ignored. Sometimes, she even asks the teacher to sit and feed her grandson when all other kids are left to the mercy of the maids. The lady does not any pains in training the maids and the young teacher. The fees is pretty high - 6000 per month and does not inlcude any meals or even water. Parents are expected to send the day long supply of water to their kids. Reason - the owner does not want to bother herself. She insists that parents should provide everything including water. The lady is so money minded that she does not even keep the ACs running for the kids. Usually when I go to pick my child in the evening, I find her so much sweating that she was almost drenched in the sweat. When I complained, she said that 2 ACs are running continously, and she cannot afford anything more than that. When I asked her to atleast check if she is sweating and dry/change her in such a case, she replied - I cannot go and touch every child to check the sweat...My maids and teachers are too busy to do that!!! I was shocked and taken aback to see her attitude towards children. At the time of admission, she would leave no stone unturned to make you believe that they take care and provide good hygiene. But reality is quite different. In Happy Faces, the ACs are in bad condition and they hardly cool the place. Secondly, the lady does not let the teachers/maid to keep the AC on to cut her electricity bills. The teacher is instructed to keep the AC shut and use it minimally. There is only one AC that runs in that big room which is not sufficient and insider staff told me that even that is shut off several times during the day to cut electricity bills. In winters, her room heater is usually out of order. So childern do not get that privilege as well. There is a web cam which does not work. If you aks the lady, she will say - we dont need to put on the web cam as we are doing the best!!! Ofcourse they will never put on the web cams else they will be exposed. In case you decide to put your kid in Happy Faces, be ready to compromise on her hygiene.





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