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I suggest do not select  this school, as there are many alternative good IB schools, specially boarding is not advisable.  Contact me if you need detailed feedback.


International Baccalaureate requirement is hardly met. There is absolutely no differentiated teaching offered. There are much better IB schools in Gurgaon instead or even CBSE schools :(  The quality of teachers is not appropriate to international teaching requirement. Bright children feel suffocated. There is no concentration on child's individual progress.Even the extra-curricular activities is not well-managed. The school management is very arrogant, rude and indifferent  specially after admission. Not worth investing here for your child's future.


PATHWAYS charge penalty equal to 2 semesters fees if the student is transfered out. This is too much


As a parent whose both kids are going to Pathways Gurgaon, I can safely say we have found the school experience to be very positive. Both my kids are happy and we are happy with focus on the rounded development school provides. The infrastructure and access is currently an issue but quality of faculty and student focus makes for it. We are pleased that we chose Pathways Gurgaon for our kids.


the school has been going downhill for the last 2 years since the senior school principal left. the new one has no clue about education and is completley unsuitable for the job. the staff recruited now is nowhere lcose to the teachers they had earlier. The good teachers have all left and they are getting lowly paid inexperienced staff. it has become a business for them and they are not interested in our children at all. the school is on its way to its collapse.


The new pathways school which is situated near Teri ( Gurgaon - Faridabad ) road, is located in a village area. The roads and the infrastruture is poor and therefor its advisable for the parents to see the venue before admitting the child. There are no hospitals or emergency services near this area. Its a mining querry location and the road is exposed to heavy motor traffic (tricks & lorries) Met the principal she is well experienced and founding members of Vasant Valley school. The values and principals are good but parents shall visit the site and see the infrastructure before enrollment.


Horrible experience at PATHWAYS for my 2 sons in 2007-2008. The school showed partiality to children of teachers working in the school. Unable to control BULLYING. Can not handle learning disabilities as mentioned on their website. Teachers lack the skill and sensitivity.


We shifted from Dubai last year and my son joined the third grade in Pathways World School, Gurgaon. My son has always been among the top five in his class but in Pathways he was labelled as a kid suffering from poor motor skills, poor muscle development, dyslexia and dysgraphia by the teachers and the junior school principal. My son went through various assessments in India and the US and we were told by the doctors that he had none of the above mentioned problems. Further, they diagnosed him with depression caused by, in effect, the teachers bullying him. I’ve heard of students being picked on by other students but this is the first time I’ve come across teachers doing so, especially in a school as reputed as Pathways. We tried resolving things with the school, but when the principal herself told us that there was nothing they could do to help, we took him out. We had a terrible experience there.




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