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The school has ok infra but very bad when it comes to studies. Teachers are underpaid and not motivated with so many sections and admissions to almost everyone it has become more like a money making machine and no focus on quality.My kids teacher couldn't remember his name in parents teacher meeting after teaching for a complete year and I dont blamer her as she has to teach 10 other section as well.  Results are average and the kids whose parents can help them are only able to do well.
Extra curricular activities are also almost nil as impossible to do for such a big crowd.


Definitely a very good School.Within two months of moving my kid i could feel the difference.
I am not saying that this is only the best school but yes definite among the best ones.
No school can be 5 star in todays times though :(



We are extremely happy with the Suncity World School. Our son has been in this since nursery, and now he is now in second grade.We have seen our child grow and become more confident.There is strong emphasis on extra-curricular activities along with academics . The pricipal and the co-ordinators are don\ing great job.


Suncity is one of the upcoming and promising schools in gurgaon. i moved my children from DPS to Suncity and i can see tremendous improveemnt in their spoken english and studies. it is very deifficult to get admission in their nur and advise to all parents is to get adm in p. nur so that children can get seats in nur


I am extremely satisfied with the way Suncity school has shaped up in the last few years. Infact I was so impressed with the school and the way they build and boost a kids confidence that I had not seen any other school for my older son who is been going to school since Nur and now is in I standard. All the credit goes to the school for their hardworking teachers and never give up on a kid attitude. Thanks Suncity :-)




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