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Our 6-yr old goes to Excelsior American School; he's been there a year now and appears to like the experience. When we were looking for a school last year, we basically had the following wish-list 1) a place where children would enjoy the school going experience, and not be stressed out with academia or bullying by peers 2) a place that would help nurture a confident, rooted, self-aware human being 3) a school that focused on all-round development of the child rather than pure academics 4) superior infrastructure 5) high teacher:student ratio (or low student:teacher ratio, depending on how you wish this metric computed) Excelsior American scores well on points (1), (3) & (5) and is apparently making an effort to improve on point (4). It'd be a bit premature to remark on point (2). However, the fee is rather high and makes me wonder whether the school's quality matches the exorbitant fee it charges. In fact, it would be among the 5 most most expensive schools in Gurgaon, given the annual cost to parents of a child in Grade II this academic year (2012-13) would be INR 2,40,227/-, excluding school bus charges (which would be around 60,000/- for the year).




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