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Parent Teacher Meetings always give opportunities to both teachers and parents to work hand in hand for the benefit of the student. The approach of teachers is very optimistic. I thank all the teachers for their overall support and encouragement at every step to enable them work not for their children but with them. 


I am very happy with my son's progress after he joined shalom last year. 
He is getting confident day by day with the activity based curriculum being followed right from the junior levels


During the past 5 years, I have seen my children grow and learn in a conducive environment. The school definitely gives platform to the children to exhibit their talents and has good infrastructure. Smart board teaching has made learning easier and fun for them. I would also like to appreciate the emphasis laid on sports like football, basketball. Conduct of Special training classes is praiseworthy.


1.      We all agree that in this fast evolving world, the education field is at its dynamic best. In Gurgaon, Shalom Hills International School is keeping good pace with all the transformative and reformative changes taking place in schools. My children along with my two nephews have been studying in the school since Grade II and my family has been privy and witness to all the innovations that take place in the school functioning. This year, the school has introduced some novel ways to engage the parents in the classroom activities and bring them closer to the school, staff and of course the children. I have received a call to volunteer for a substitute teacher which I will be doing in July. 


Would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the hard work and dedication put in by the management and the staff at Shalom to put together such an amazing programme...,you all made the children look really beautiful, eye-catching and endearing. I am sure it was an unforgettable experience for all the parents.

So thanks once again for giving us a day to cherish all over our life; special thanks to the teachers who took special pains for bringing the best out of my daughter.

Thanks all...keep up the good work


1.     We as parents of two children who have been studying in Shalom Hills International School since Nursery feel that the school is run in an efficient yet personalized manner. The staff is professionally trained and yet friendly and caring. Here I will like to make a special mention of the extent to which the management is involved and connected with the students and parents. When my younger one was seriously unwell and absent from school for a week, even the Managing Director, Dr. Lilly George enquired about her well-being and cosseted her when she joined back, to the extent that a part was kept ready and waiting for her in their class event which was scheduled for the same month.


Shalom Hills International School is and institution in itself .The school has come a long way since it started .The quality of teachers has improved . Overall the school has made a name of itself . Teachers take extra pain in teaching the students that you wont get in other schools if u compare BUT there is a major drawback that you find that all the students are not made to participate in the school functions .only selected students participate in every functions . School helps to develop overall personality of the child then why it is not being nurtured why only specific students are seen why all the students in every class not participating .if you can not cover whole class in a go then keep giving students chance in other activities .Whole aschool loves MD madam but if whole school will participate then MD madam will feel happy and proud .She must be seeing the same faces for so many years so give chance to new students so that she can feel proud coz Success of the school depends if all the students partipate and come out in flying colours then that the specific students that are participating every year .in this context i would say that teachers are biased they should make extra effort to get the capabilities of every children out . what is the use of teaching to the children that already knows milestone is only covered when you can get those children participate which were not capable but has the capibilty to do wonders in a right guidance .


The school is good but they take an entrance test even for class 1 students. This is having double standards as they themselves don't have tests till Class 5. Also the school has too many pictures of the principal (Dr Lily George) taking awards or shaking hands with film stars and politicians. The entire reception is full of Mrs Georges individual awards - not awards of the school!!!


We pulled our child out of another school midyear and were amazed at the compassion and consideration given to our child during the transition. My son absolutely thrived at Shalom Hills with a wonderful balance of academics and artistic expression, by far more than other schools offer. The day to day activities are personally supervised by the management which is par excellence.


Good school... teachers pay attention to all the students equally


This appreciation note comes straight from my heart. Although my association with Shalom Hills is only a year old but within this short period I have observed a great difference in my kids’ personalities. Initially I feared as to how they would adjust in a new school but the caring and loving environment of the school soon made them comfortable. The school became their much loved second home.They love the way lessons are imparted through smart classes and now they don’t want to miss their school even for a day. My husband and family are truly happy to have found a school, complete in itself, which not only caters to their academic needs but also grooms them in all the other fields.


We came to Gurgaon in 2007 from Hyderabad and in mid session and were desperately looking for good school for my young daughter. By the Grace of God we happened to pass by Shalom Hills International School. One had not heard about the school before – But as soon we entered the school premises we got positive vibes and were certain that this the school for my daughter. Thanks to the management and the teaching staff as my daughter has turned out to be a smart and confident child. My daughter will miss this esteem institution and I doubt that she will get such a wonderful atmosphere in any school in Mumbai where I am proceeding on my posting. Our Best of Wishes to the school for its progress.


Good premises.... teachers and good enough student teacher ratio... My son is improving and likes to be at school..


good school....satisfactory


only school in ggn you be assure your child is safe.they are fabulous team from top to bottom.if you looking for the best school in ggn,this is the place.




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