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I really liked the school for their infrastructure, activities planned for kids all through and well behaved faculty members.
However they could improve in certain areas especially being responsive about child's ongoing development. Despite stressing few times , teachers haven't cared to explain about child's day to day activities, behavior and interaction with other kids.My kid is too young to tell me what she did all day but I was hoping to be part of ibambini plan so I can continue to engage child in a manner and not remain blindsided to what's going in her day-day school. I am sure their wonderful management team will take a note.


As an existing parent of ibambini, I have had a very positive experience with the school and the staff....In fact, they are the ones who took my kid in when she was told by antoher school that she has a soeech problem. Mrs. Chaudhary herself took my dughter under her wings and she has blossomed into a confident girl since then! I am in touch with some other parents who also vouch for the warm and friendly staff there...The negative comments below seem to be personal in nature and the outcome of some personal bias... At least we have not seen these!! Would urge parents to visit the school for themselves and make their own opinion and not based on biased ones!


My son is currently studying at ibambini and I must say that he is really having a wonderful time there. The preschool is surrounded by huge spaces and parks for outdoor play…. which is really hard to find these days in many schools. The Project based curriculum of Reggio Emilia approach that the preschool follows making the learning experience a whole lot interesting and exciting. They also have many Exhibitions to give the parents an insight into their child’s works. The staff is also very helpful and give personal attention to each and every child. The school also has an impressive Amphitheatre where children do role plays that really boasts their self-confidence. On the whole a very good school to help develop the creative interests of children and make them independent.


Just the other day I had a chance to visit ibambini preschool for my son and I was impressed...to see a preschool that actually considers these 'formative' years to be serious learning years, and not just 'timepass' for the kids...they follow the Reggio Emilia approach...In fact, the Director and the Principal have both been to this city and taken training for the same. The approach that she explained to me was simple yet so powerful...this was exactly the kind of place I was looking for, sans any stress on heavy infrastructure or building...more stress on the way they work with children...Needless to say, I have taken admission for my toddler there..and would recommend it to anyone who is on the lookout for a 'quality' preschool in Gurgaon.




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