Scottish High International School - Gurgaon

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It is just a hi-fi building..the standard of school is worse than any 'sarkari daftar'. The receptionist turns out to be admission co-ordinator...very rude...and reluctant to give any info about curicullum. I wanted to take a tour of school to be able to decide about my toddlers admission..the answer I got was ' I am sure you will not consider looking around to decide if u want to admit the child or not'. The moment I decided that it is NOT an international school.


I had my kid here for one year and had to take him out because in one year there was no academic or extra curricular progress in him. He had actually forgotten what he knew before joining the school. I have never seen any good result from this school. There is lot of bullying in the class and the teacher or the management does not do anything due to the fact that the bullish kids are from a affluent families. The school paints a rosy outside picture but inside is a totally different story.


Great school - amazing infrastructure and teachers who really take care of the kids.



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