when should child start nursury??

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PuneetGoyal 2011-02-26 16:53:21


Dear All,

My child is born on 0ct,2007 and he is 20 days short according to maximum schools age criteria for nursury admission 2011. He is going to pre school from last 1.5 yrs. We have below options available with us.. please suggest which is better:

1) We keep him at pre-school only, where he shall be shifted to Nursury in this session only(This option will save 1 year). Then in 2012, we can try for KG in other good schools.

2) Let him complete Nursury at pre-school and then repeat the same in formal big name schools(Loss of 1 yrear)

3) we transfer him to pre-nursury of formal school such as DPS,Amity... But again loss of 1 yr.

The only doubt in mind is it worth to waste 1 yr of child education just because of 20 days short? few people suggested to admit him next year as his brain will grow more and he will be able to grasp easily and will perform better....your suggestions will help us alot....Pls suggest...


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