can anybody give me a feedback on presidium Gurgaon.

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Konica 2011-01-27 18:01:29


can anybody give me a feedback on presidium Gurgaon.

malla 2011-02-01 16:47:49


many people are finding presidium gurgaon nice.....1 of mah friend's son is there.....dat kid is quite outspoken and frnd gives all the credit to school......that kido is impressive by the way!


mrenu 2011-05-14 22:36:33


hello konika

i have heard a lot of mixed views about presidium , bt when i put my own kid there i m really satisfied with this school.


nisha12 2014-03-25 15:40:12


ys mrenu right i also very satisfied with presidium. I am so glad my son Parv goes to Presidium. His performance was superb and the entire credit goes to Currimakers, Starmakers and Lifemakers, especially Rupali and Meenakshi mam for their hard work and support. I would also like to thank Sudha mam. She is doing a great job and her positive parenting tips are really helpful. 

nehasingh11 2015-03-09 16:27:54


Presidium annual day was really good. It ws my 1st time and I loved attending. My son was in western dance. It was so good to see him dance I had tears in my eyes. Thank u presidium for giving my child this chance. Thanks


chaayatrivedi 2015-05-16 11:38:17


I am very much impressed with the teaching staff at Presidium. Well-educated and attentive, they not only guide students, but also help parents to understand their kids in a friendly way. I always attend the PTMs, annual days and other events organized by school



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