Schools for special child

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rajambika 2020-01-26 16:30:35


Dear All,

I have recently moved to Gurgaon.   I have a 12 year old son, who has learning disability.  He has moved to Class 6 this year & is facing huge stress to cope up with the additional subjects.  While he is putting best of the efforts, his anxiety has led to a new disorder (OCD) which has started creating more trouble & has slowed down his learning capability. He is currently studying in DPS Kolkata, & want to get his admission in any Gurgaon school, once the session gets over

Would request for 2 things:
1. List of schools which accommodates childs with special needs (if any parent can share their recommendation basis their experience, would be grateful)
2. Any whatsapp group (for parents) where we can exchange experiences, which can help my son to settle down faster in this city.

Thanks in advance.


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