Should we repeat nursery for my son

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pankaj05 2019-03-21 22:11:31


Hi all

my son is November mid 2014 born. We moved to Gurgaon but could not get admission in any of the top schools as he got left out by 1.5 years.

we then admitted him into GD goenka public school in nursery. This year we tried for two schools near our house and got through in shikshantar.

we are in a dilemma if we get our son repeat nursery in shikshantar or continue with KG.

Concerns we have in mind are:
1.if we repeat nursery then he might be the eldest in the class throughout
2.difference in methodology and the boards - cbse/ icse.

We would be grateful if some of you can share your experiences and views that may help us in making a better decision.

Nehakhil86 2019-07-17 18:35:47


Do u need home tuition fr ur child


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