Admission process - 2010 : for nur session starting mar-2011

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SCS 2010-09-25 11:01:35


 Hi All,

Just wanted to share about this years (2010) admissions for nursery.
Almost all the schools in ggn are now adapting the draw-system, seems enforced by govt, for admitting the kids. There are few schools, iknow, like Heritage, Salwan etc who are following this but i think there are lot more schools in this line.

There are various pros and cons to this unless some ethics are maintained by parents:

1. No interview headache for parents and kids.
2. One can avoid pre-school and related expenses.
3. Fairness in draw system
4. Its your luck, if your ward name is announced in draw, otherwise …

Cons :-
1. Probability of getting admission, as per your wish, is not high.
2. One needs to have a very good-luck to get admission.
3. Sibling factor seems not considered, however i felt some backdoor options are available (a pro as well).

4. One needs to fill forms in n number of schools to try out their luck. This is a real wastage of time and money for parents.


This entire new draw system, although a good initiative, needs a bit more refinement.


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