G. D. Goenka World School - Gurgaon

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Aimhigh28 2017-06-18 18:18:39


I am looking for reviews on Gd goenka school. If anybody's kid going there then please help with the Information like studies, environment, activities, improvement in child, or any other Info

shrutidwivedi 2017-09-13 14:55:29


I've had a really bad experience!  My daughter went to the school for 5 years.  School drivers are completely unruly and will tell you any day that the bus stop has changed and the bus won't come to your bus stop from next day.  On a particular day, the bus driver dropped my 7 year old at a different bus stop from where she came in the car of two other older boys and their personal driver.  I was furious and complained to the school.  I was told by the transport manager that they checked with the driver and as per him he has taken my consent which was a complete lie.  I asked the school to take measures to ensure such an incident is not repeated but they did nothing.  To make matters worse, the same driver continued to ply on the bus route where my daughter was first pick up and drop.  I was scared to send my daughter in the bus since the driver may decide to take his grudge out on my daughter since I had complained against him.  Despite follow ups, the school did nothing and in fact, told me that I was lying about the fact that the driver had not taken my consent.... there were previous incidents where if I got late getting to the bus stop to pick her up, they would drop my daughter off alone and leave.  I would definitely not recommend due to their lack of security procedures, especially with respect to school transport. 


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