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ParveenBhatia 2010-08-02 14:55:20


Hi, any body can let me know the contact no. or e-mail id  of Ms Sudha Gupta, Chairman for Mother's pride and Presidium in Gurgaon. I've fed up with the transport services of Presidium.

bhalla 2010-08-05 10:07:55


Even I have compalints with transport of presidium. In which class you child is?

School is convening PTM this weekend, we can put in our complaints. Parents needs to get together to resolve this problem


ParveenBhatia 2010-08-05 10:14:49


Mr.Bhalla, Thanks for your reply !! My son is studying in Prep B. Where as per school timing he has to be in school by 9.15 AM to attend the assembly meeting. The cab always pick him after 9.00 AM and it is next to impossible at that time cab to reach school within 15 minutes from sector 9 gurgaon. I am requesting them to improve the cab timings but all in fail. Yesterday also I asked cab driver by what time he reached school every day and his reply was enough to shock me and time he told me was 10.00 AM. I will definaitely take this matter in PTM and will meet principal over there on that day. I'm paying 2200/- per month for cab only for discipline, on-time and secrity of my son but nothing is happening even after repeated complaints and requests.


Parent10 2010-08-27 13:59:12


Hi Mr(s). Parveen and Mr(s0. Bhatia,

I have just enrolled my son in Presidium, Gurgaon for Nursery class. Can you please advise me as to how is the school in terms of education and other facilities including extra-curriculurs? Actually, i have not checked out other schools as yet and wanted to understand if choosing Presidium is a correct decision or not?

Also, are u still facing the transport issues ? Thanks a lot in advance.


ParveenBhatia 2010-08-27 14:14:15


Hi Parent10


I've changed the cab by taking the matter strongly and personaly with the management on the PTM day (14th Aug). Other wise there is no problem with the school. My son was in Nursery B last year and was in the custody of Ms. Puja Lamba and Ms. Isha, who have taken care of child like their own. Hats off to both of them for putting best habbits in my ward and being so friendly with kids.


Parent10 2010-08-27 14:19:29


Thanks a lot for the quick response. I really appreciate that. In fact, it has taken a big load off my mind coz i have not been able to get much positive news abt Presidium Gurgaon so far.  Its not that i have heard anythng bad but I had not heard anything good either, so was little worried abt my decision. But with your answer, all doubts have dispelled. Thanks a lot.


kvt235 2011-09-16 11:48:48


You can speak with the staff or person responsible for transport at the school. The staff and teachers of Presidium School are very helpful and easily approachable . You can get more info from their website -


sarafsneha 2012-10-01 16:42:30


i am just reloacting to gurgaon, & m planning to take admission in presidium for my 2 kids in class 1 & kg, kindly any1 plz help me how is the school regarding acads, extra curriculars , transparency etc...what is the trend of fee rise...

plz help & guide


ankushsaxena 2014-01-16 16:04:20


Thumbs up to Presidium teachers! They help improve student's overall personality. My child is now better and confident.


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