MRIS vs Lotus Valley vs St.Xavier

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amanpreet 2015-07-30 15:43:58



I am considering three schools for Nursery admission of my child in 2016-2017 session -

1. Manav Rachna International School
2. Lotus Valley International School
3. St. Xavier's High School

Please let me know your viewpoint on these schools and which one is better.


2015ambi 2015-09-21 07:22:06


Hi. I have Withrow my children from lotus Valley. The problems shows after 4-5grade how big lies they serve... Too much money for delivery. Kids need to take tuition Although they will say they r against and they provide so much.. All nonsens.. Blade promises. There r few principal puppies who are getting feed if they deliver what asked. Bribe, dishonesty, lie. After learning about redness and luck of humanity good teacher's are leaving.. If u r Nt doing, saying as a big Don said u r insulted and thrown.. Parents who are having concerns are told that no one other then they r coming to her with such thing. Over all no sports, no extra curriculum.. It's all only written.. Swimming... In a whole year kids went only ones.... Music.. Total crab.. No music at all.. With a 3years kids are not able to learn any instrument, not even one song.... Because they are Nt capable.. That's what music teacher says... Big slave and puppy of principle...u can't do nothin she will prove u wrong always... Initially maybe u will get treated with coffee in her room and warm words, understanding.. All its a mirage. They r chosen parents, kids, teachers. . Everyone is a nobody...

Manvir 2019-01-22 17:07:54


Please provide St.Xavier Review.


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