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SNarang 2015-07-15 10:41:28


Can anyone please provide a feedback about the Matrikiran school , located on sohna road in Gurgaon?

UML1 2015-07-30 10:20:08


Matri Kiran is now home to us especially my children. They are aged 11 and 9 ½ and the way they are looked after in school is so reassuring.

The first time I visited this school I actually felt welcome as compared to the other schools in Gurgaon.A sense of peace pervaded me and I felt at ease. The aura of positivity in the atmosphere is but evident.

We had moved here from Mumbai and my children were 7 years and 5 years then. My son has special needs and is a trying student. This was no issue with Matri Kiran. We were instantly assured admission which was a big relief at that stage.

Matri Kiran uses an integrated approach to education. The school does not believe in the method of by rote learning and cramming kids with homework. Parents have been invited to “attend†school and experience this method. I must say I wish we had this while growing up … maybe my aversion for Mathematics would not be so prominent.

Matri Kiran also believes in holistic development and Yoga, Clay modeling ,Indian Music and Ballet are part of its curriculum. The need for extra classes does not arise at all.

Another excellent facet of this school is that children are served wholesome nutritious lunch daily. Yes they eat a typical Indian diet with no complaints at school !

My son receives undivided attention and from a child who never wanted to go to school it’s a pleasure to hear “When will the bus come?â€

I would urge parents to change their thinking because only then we can think of change.

My daughter also has learnt so much.. love for reading and her character has blossomed over these past two years.

Upasana Mahtani Luthra

PS: Please do message me on Facebook for further details 



LaraZ 2015-07-30 11:07:47


Dear Parents

we moved to Gurgaon in 2010.
Our older daughter started at Sun City for 2 years. She was reasonably settled, though never particularly excited about school. As parents we had many smaller and larger issues to contend with which made our stay at Sun City quite difficult.

In 2012 we decided to move both our children into Matrikiran. Our kids began here in Pre-Nursery' and Grade 1.

The school provided us as parents a huge change: not only were our kids merged with the Matrikiran family, but we the parents were also welcomed as members of the new family with open arms. It was made clear that parents were as much part of the system as our children and that our input was valued as well.

We have been and still are welcome at most times, to enter the school grounds, interact with staff and meet with children, if there is the need for the same. For us it was important to know that the school kept us in the loop at all times and we were able to get daily insights into school life, if we wished.

Our kids felt right at home as well from the beginning. Their new school is bright, friendly, and most importantly planned out especially to meet the needs of younger children; the school campus is purpose built for pre-primary and primary children, whereas secondary children will be moved onwards to the new campus eventually.

Our children are allowed to learn at their own pace, there is no rigorous pressure to conform to and match the speed of others. There is also no pressure of continuous competition (as experienced in previous schools). Fast learners are encouraged with separate work, while slower learners assisted and encouraged in a manner which matches their learning abilities and helps them to understand better and easier.  

The kids are in their element here.  The curriculum & teaching methodology is pretty much on par with Pathways / Sri Ram, except Matrikiran is minute in comparison with these schools and thus feels a lot more like a cozy home and less overwhelming. The kids feel right at home. 

There is a very balanced time table with academics and extra-curricular mixed very well. The holistic learning approach is a great way to give the kids a chance to learn along a practical, hands on, theme based guideline, which adapts itself to each individual child. Kids learn to become independent, learn to develop their skills in all directions. They learn about their personal abilities & are encouraged in areas they excel.

Another point which we appreciate about the schools is, that ALL children are welcome and integrated, regardless of background or abilities or special needs. Our kids interact with kids with special needs every day, they learn to work alongside them, help them, accept them and appreciate them for who they are. This for us is immensely valuable in a society where special needs are sadly still looked down upon, segregated and not accepted more often than not.

In order to further plan the way for equality, Matrikiran ensures that all kids are made part of each event, they all are made to feel equally special and happy - PARTICIPATION is most important NOT competition.

If you would like more details and feedback, please feel free to connect with me on facebook.

Lara Zilberkweit


Manvir 2019-01-22 17:16:24


Please suggest which language is mostly used in the classrooms for communication in Matrikiran School.

 Looking forward for your kind responses!



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