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Bhutanim1 2014-03-05 06:40:15



We are moving back from US to Gurgaon in March. We have two daughters 9 yrs and 3 years. My 9 year plays Tennis for 10 & Under USTA from North Carolina. We reached out to multiple schools and have received positive response from Banyan Tree, SunCity and American Excelsior. 

American Excelsior - Very Responsive school and seems to be very flexible but not much on sports and not sure on quality of education though ranked as #10 school in Gurgaon. 

Banyan Tree : Very Responsive and only school to acknowledge sports. But I haven't  seen a lot of reviews on school , no picture to see Infrastructure & not much on the education system. Thought limited reviews, all seems to be  positive

Suncity : seems like a good school but there was some review on Child Abuse last year May 2013 and I am concerned about safety of my kids & it is Priority for me.

Additionally, we are not sure if my 3 year old should go to a pre-school associated with a formal school ( Scottish high seems to be open for her admission). She is fluent in English but doesn't speak in Hindi plus has never been to a school and we are not in a hurry, plus I want them to go to the same school. 

If they meet all the criteria then I would be open to admission in a play school

Can anyone guide us and suggest. 


expertmom 2014-03-05 22:37:28


Hi mohit
I think once u have visited few schools u will be able to set your criteria for the kind of school you want for your kids. Once you set your criteria right it ll be definitely possible for you to make a choice based on internet reviews and school tours. 
I think if you are interested in sports facility you should visit lancers school which I specifically found safe and I being impressed got my kid into the school recently. Suncity abuse incidence made me realise that the primary year (upto 5 th standard) kids should be in a closely monitored environment rather than too big schools like Suncity or Scottish high. Keep amity and DPS out of your thought process completely and Amiown ( amitys pre school ) might give ur child a huge Hindi learning experience but will give no individual attention to the child or to concerns of parents. You might also try meeting Kunskapskolan about which I have heard all good things. 
All the best

TutorGeeta 2014-03-12 23:43:06


Hi Mohit,

You can consider Following options :

Pathways World School : They established themselves now from IGCSE\IB curriculum.They have good feedback mechanism.They dont have many expat or foreign students but their syllabus and teaching methods are good.they have experienced teachers who understands Cambridge syllabus.

Lancers : They have very high number of foreign students but the problem is that their teachers are not very experienced.

G.D.Goenka : Please do not go to this school, they have very impressive infrastructure but their lessons are not planned.They do not send information about exams etc to parents on time.The school do not have much experience on Cambridge curriculum.Although they have lot of foreign students.

Heritage : Very good CBSE School, they have established themselves very well among the CBSE school.The school emphasis on academics and co-scholastic skills as well.

Shriram : best School of Gurgaon, very experienced and provides lots of opportunities beyond syllabus.

Well above observation/feedback is based on my own experience as I am a Tutor and has taught students from almost every School in Gurgaon.

Please visit schools and please make your own observations!!!

Hope you will find this information useful!!!


shreyadevkota 2014-03-14 10:13:24


Hello Mohit, 

You can also consider Kunskapsskolan even I  wanted to send my Son to an international School. But was unable to decide until i found Kunsskapsskolan, Gurgaon. I had visited their website and was quite impressed by their KED Program and their Curriculum which focuses on personalized education, individualized goals and creates  students who take responsibility and ownership for their learning and these things are so much important nowadays.

here is the school's website


anjusweta 2014-03-22 04:58:07


Hi everyone,

We are moving back from US to Gurgaon in June 1st week June with personal reason after 7 years. We have two Kids 10 grade and 5 grade.

I am really worried about school admission and curriculum etc.

Any suggestion and information will help me in some way.

Thanks in advance



anjusweta 2014-03-22 05:25:39


Hi everyone

We are moving back from US to Gurgaon in June 1st week June with personal reason after 7 years. We have two Kids 10 grade and 5 grade.

I am really worried about school  and curriculum etc. 

Any suggestion and information will help me in some way.

Thanks in advance



Thanks in advance



Bhutanim1 2014-03-27 00:53:42


Hi Guys 

Thanks so much for the your valuable inputs. Yes it really helped. I visited few schools. So far we are undecided however we have got an OK from American Excelsior, Shiv Nadar, Lancers and Banyan Tree. I was impressed with Hertiage in terms of support and so was Shiv Nadar. 
I browsed the Internet for review and Heritage seems to be a tad  bit better than Shiv Nadar since the latter is still under construction and evolving. However overall I got a positive response from both the schools. Will keep you informed. 

In terms of Sports I felt that most of the facilities regarding tennis were not all that great( since my daughter plays tennis)



Bhutanim1 2014-03-27 00:56:26


Hi Geeta 

I agree with you almost 100% and I would also recommend Shiv Nadar along some of the credible schools. They are simple no frills but if you are willing to overlook some of the shortfalls this should also be a potential school to be looked at.



SameeraSingh 2014-07-27 14:52:13


When I went to Shalom Presidency School to enquire about admission, I noticed that there were no CCTV cameras in school except the one in Directors office for security of her office while she was away.I asked the administration for the reason and they gave me some conflicting answers. Finally in one corner of school I could spot one camera but that is dummy with monitor connected to it. IT does not have provision to record anything either. Installed purely for show purpose.

param27 2016-01-24 21:59:32


I think you should try Matrikiran once

vedadi 2016-10-18 12:46:10


HI, We are moving too to Gurgaon, I am looking at a pure IB board, wcIh stress on extracurricular activities.Does shiv nadir have IB board>


Prom 2017-01-21 22:53:44


Go for Shriram, Incase your kid is getting admission in. It is the best in Gurgaon.

RRP2017 2017-07-15 08:31:38


Hi Mohit,

So finally which school you selected and how is experience.

i am looking for a IGCSE school for my son for grade 6 .

your feedback would be helpful.


Manvir 2019-01-22 16:52:13



I am looking for IGCSE School in Gurgaon for my daughter class KG. Please suggest. 

param27 2019-01-23 14:23:22


In which area you are looking..becuase area is very important to select a school that save travelling of your kid

IndiaCalling 2020-09-29 00:15:51


Hi Friends, We are also planning to return from US to Gurgaon next year. My kids will be going to grades 4th and 9th next year. I would really be thankful if anyone can share their experiences with me.

1. I am confused between CBSE/ICSE/IB board. I have read online CBSE is better for cracking entrance exams after 12th grade but IB is better for overall talent development. We are not planning to send our kids to do undergrad in US so should we rather focus on CBSE or ICSE?

2. As with most of the NRI kids, mine also can't read or write Hindi language. I believe now many CBSE schools allow Spanish or French as an optional language instead of Hindi. Can you suggest few good schools in Gurgaon for both the kids that can cope with language barrier? Does ICSE give flexibility to chose other than hindi in grades 4th and 9th?

Thanks in advance!


Amarbatra07 2021-08-30 11:59:42


Hi Mohit,
We are a working couple and found Shemford (Sec 47) as a really good option for working parents.

We liked the fact that they start from 2+ -so you don't need to choose a separate preschool and formal school.

If the location suits you- you must check it out as well since we have loved it and you can join their online classes from US (incase you haven't returned!)


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