Looking for a school for child finishing primary school in UK

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anumin 2010-02-16 00:36:04


Hello All,
I am trying to gather as much information as I can for a child finishing primary school in Gurgaon specifically. There is little qualified information on which I can base a decision and would be grateful if any parents can share their insight about schools in Gurgaon. I am keen on finding a school, which hopefully does not have only elitism as its credentials, but is renowned for adopting modern, child centric teaching philosophies similar to international schools globally.

I have an offer for a place from an excellent school in UK (where we are currently) but really are weighing our options as eventually within a year or so we intend to move to Gurgaon.

We have looked at Pathways, GD Goenka and Scottish High websites but really need information from people who have experienced and gone thru a similar process.

Please help!!


A desperate parent


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