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Gunjan06 2013-09-25 23:38:25



I am looking for admission for my dd. We got selected at Shikshantar. However, I have my list of doubts regarding it. I know it is considered as one of the best schools in Gurgaon in terms of progressive learning. My concerns are: 

1) Their teaching methodology is good for young students but not sure regarding older children. I want to have feedback from parents on how their kids fare when they are introduced to the conventional NCERT syllabus. I want to understand how rigorous they are academically. How is this school for senior classes?


2) I think a child would find it difficult to adjust into any other main stream school


himanshunanu 2014-07-05 17:24:32


We got our daughter admitted to shikshantar in 2014-15 session in nursery and after one month we have submitted withdrawal of her admission from this school. Primary reason their pathetic transport fleet which is very unsafe and old for small kids, their transport department insensitive attitude as they gave one side transport only fo our child from Sohna road mentioning they don't have space on his. Tother prominent rrasin r there staff and teachers insensitive and lack of focus on children and juts focusssing on completing their class.y daughter for one month didt able to rat anytinhg in class's as they just gave 10 mins to finish there meals . Their unsuccessful progressive methodlogy wjwhich has become regressive now . Even we are loosing so much money still we r feeeling better to tale our child from this casual attitude school


abhikaus 2015-04-20 18:01:38


Hi Himanshu,
This is a very major concern. Safety of kids should come first.
I'm sure now you would have done some research on this area so can you pls share which school you are going with ? I'm also looking for nursery admission of my kid
Thanks in anticipation


mehaku 2015-09-08 16:46:28


Thank you himanshu,
I was also looking this school for my son..I aam very concern about safety.
please if any good school in your eyes.please let me know.



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