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Bhanti 2013-06-05 20:30:52


I am looking for a good school in Gurgaon for nursary class. Can anyone provide me a list ?

Aniketgoyal53 2014-01-28 11:24:19


List of Top schools in Gurgaon
Schools name             
1.The Shri Ram School     
   Website: www.tsrs.org
2-MatriKiran Pre-school
   Website: www.matrikiran.in
3.The Banyan Tree World School     
   Website: www.banyantree.ws
4.Shikshantar School     
   Website: www.shikshantarschool.com
5.Lt Atul Katarya Memorial School     
   Website: www.amsggn.com    
6.Modern Montessori International Institute     
   Website: www.mmiindia.com
7. Modern Montessori International
   Website: www.modermontessoriindia.com
8.GD Goenka World School     
   Website: www.gdgoenka-gurgaon.com
9.Blue Bells Preparatory School     
    Website: www.bluebells.org/bbps
10. Euro International School
    Website: www.eurogroupofschool.com


expertmom 2014-03-05 22:53:29


Whatever u might choose..... Don't choose Amiown 

shambhawimehra 2014-03-31 19:48:42


I would also add the following to Ankit's list
1. Pathways
2. Shalom Presidency School


curiousraj 2014-04-21 19:49:46


Hi Ankit,

Lt Atul Katarya Memorial School  is not listed in top 10 schools of Gurgaon on any website or newspaper. Can you please share me some more information about this school to justify the same. My kid is only 3 and half and going to a nearby play school. As far as I know this school is far cheaper than other schools listed in your list.


MeherLodhia 2014-07-24 19:38:06


An absolute waste of money is Shalom Presidency School. Staff is very sweet in talking and useless i teaching. Keep losing kids stuff (stationery, skates, swimming kit and even school dresses). If you complaint they start quarreling. Hopeless school.

SameeraSingh 2014-07-27 14:48:28


Shalom Presidency School - sector 56 - Gurgaon - When I went to enquire about admission, I noticed that there were no CCTV cameras in school except the one in Directors office for security of her office while she was away.I asked the administration for the reason and they gave me some conflicting answers. Finally in one corner of school I could spot one camera but that is dummy with monitor connected to it. IT does not have provision to record anything either. Installed purely for show purpose.


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