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Rambi 2011-09-02 15:57:02


hi! i want to know from any parents whose children are already studying in lotus valley gurgaon? how is the school performing? coz from outside it seems to be promosing? thanks...


nidhitrip 2011-09-15 11:54:59


 I am a satisfied parent of lotus Valley. Shifted my child from Amity and much happier now.


Babun371 2011-11-05 15:08:06


 I shifted my daughter from Tagore International to Lotus Valley. I find this school to be excellent. Facilities are fantastic, the teachers as well as other staffs are extremely caring and thoughtful. Strongly recommend this school.


trueparent 2014-07-13 11:43:04


What started as a promising school has now turned into a nightmare for any parent particularly in the last 1 year, where web of lies at the drop of the hat, rude, insensitive behavior of teachers / staff is becoming the order of the day. 
Grade 1 : Kids' notebooks are signed without marking mistakes. Workbooks are frequently lost or exchanged with another kids' and sent home without checking names. Etc..etc .etc .. 
The top leadership, namely the principle' s methodology is found wanting particularly in these times when every young parent is critical of daily progress and care of their ward rather than cosmetic shows / presentations to impress the parents.
Impressive buildings don't make a good school... It's the quality of staff and teachers which is an investment that pays with time.
 Feel betrayed already.

deep06 2014-09-15 12:20:52


Worst experience during nursery admissions this year.It seems there is only a hype associated with the school that may have performed well earlier.
Initially they opened admissions to nursery giving only a 2-3 hours window for only 2 consecutive days for submitting registration forms.We rushed through the process as the form was quite lengthy and several questions were asked. Also they seem to have highest charges just for registration form compared to other schools (Rs 2500 compared to other schools who have it arnd Rs 500 to 700 or max 1000 only).
Now coming to the aftermath, we were told that distance from school and age is the criteria for selection and you will get a call in 2-3 weeks.When we asked for a school tour we were rudely told that its not possible.The lady at reception didn't even bother to look at us.We waited but didn't get any call so we contacted them again after 2 weeks and they rudely replied wait till this Friday if no call then your child is not selected.
It happened as they said and when we called they told us 'not selected'.
Then we thought of asking them on what basis they rejected because we live only 1.5 kms from the school and they told only 60 seats were there and all got filled from Niravna county which is next to school and further suggested to meet the principal. When we met her we felt like being treated as negligible entity to her.She simply was busy signing some student cards and told us literally that not everyone gets a chance to sit in front of me like this, so please hurry up.She reciprocated the same thing that we finalized based on distance... we said that we live only 1.5 kms away and she responded to me neighborhood is the school wall and we cannot do anything.
Then she suddenly said ...admissions are not yet closed we are slowly expanding the radius and it may last for a month or so also but no date can be given, you may wait.We were surprised because we were told that your child is not selected and there was no hope further.We realized that they are now changing statements to cover any unfilled seats.We also explained them that in Gurgaon all schools have different dates and we finalized another school as a backup so if you don't give us a date or assurity its a big risk we may miss both schools, so please give us some date.The principal simply nodded and told us to fight with Haryana Govt. since there is no guideline enforced.
We then decided to ask for a refund of our registration charges and decided not to go with Lotus Valley having such a "high headed" management playing with parents emotions these days.Because if they are behaving like this initially god knows how will they behave later on.This school definitely needs transparency in admission process, and have some respect for parents otherwise the hype that they have created won't help much.

123in 2015-07-08 22:37:28


Useless school. They have to understand that schools need excellent teachers not hand picked morons. The problem is the principal closed mind and living in her own sweet dream world . As far as parents r concerned they have somehow got used to this third class education if it is education at all. And so the worst to suffer are the children. Most of the students here have no interest in studies . Can't say about the new ones .Creativity is at best dead. No sports. Music is long dead.The music teacher has not taught one single song but u dare say anything. At the end they r the nobility and we the slaves. Another problem people don't have a choice they r stuck. 

Ansra 2015-09-09 09:54:20


Need first hand feedback on lotus valley from the parents.. considering suncity and lotus valley for my child in grade II.. In this post looking for positives and negatives of LVIS.. Help guys..

rupica 2015-09-21 09:28:36


Hi .. want to know the feedback on Lotus Valley Gurgaon... want to change the school fm DPS Sushant lok.. for grade 1 and 6..will it be the right decision to put them in Lotus Valley Gurgaon...

Ash121 2015-09-27 16:10:35


The school which use to be good has changed alot in recent time..I have recently shifted my children from lotus valley to another school...The promises they make and the picture they show to the parents is far from reality.Teachers changes in same class 2 to 3 times in a year which makes difficult for the children to settle with the new teacher. Most important when you go to the Principal with your query she will not listen to you and will leave no chance to insult you...I think you should not go by the infrastructure but see which school is best for your child.


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