Which are the good schools in Gurgaon

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devalya 2009-10-21 10:16:23


Need to know which all are good schools in Gurgaon

ananyasm 2009-11-27 17:08:38


I have a 2.5 year old kid and is looking for a pre-school in gurgaon..can anybody suggest good school in gurgaon...i don't want to go on brand name bt a school good from all aspects..


windpace 2009-12-22 10:20:21


My child goes to Shikshantar.  It is a childcentred school.  Does not believe in advertising itself too much and focus their engergies in the development of the children. I am very  happy with the school.


Uyen 2010-01-05 10:20:30


Dear all,

Just joined this forum because we are looking at moving to Gurgaon in the summer and desperately looking for avgood, international english-speaking school for our two girls aged 6 and 3.5 (by the summer).

We have looked at Pathways, Ryan, Lancers and Excelsior but it is so hard to know to whom to entrust our precious girls! We don't want to make a mistake as the move in itself will be enough of a trauma (even if it's an adventurous one) already.

We would be grateful for any tips, ideas personal experience of the schools. Where do the majority of the expat children go to school? We think it could be easier for our girls to have some other expat children to share their experiences with.

Please help us out as schooling will be quite decisive of whether we will be moving or not.


Thanks in advance!



RSGGN 2010-02-03 16:46:49


Hi All,

I wonder if users have any opinion on BanyanTree School in Gurgaon. Any information and opinion will be higjly valuable.






sonnal 2010-02-04 09:49:41


hi all,

ne idea about the Sun city world school? would u recommend it? and windpace, where's Shikshantar?




shivanidhiraj 2010-03-17 11:54:44


How is pathway world school gurgaon?


namenick 2010-05-26 07:46:17


gurgaon is a place full of showpots and the schools show off a lot.don't go by brand names.depending on the sector of ur residence please verify personally.


namenick 2010-05-26 19:02:50


DON'T admit ur ward in eurokids dlf phase 1 ,they are very money ninded,lacking in quality also.shikshantar is good


anumin 2010-08-02 22:13:02



We just relocated from UK and I think resolved our dilemma by finalizing Pathways. We wanted a school with focus on rounded development rather than too academic focus. We believe Shikshantar is a good school too. Pathways has a new campus coming up near Gurgaon and from what I can make out will have quality infrastructure and team in place. Lets see how it goes, we don't have experience to be able to comment, but Pathways came closest except the distance (and costs) which are slight negatives.

Hope this is helpful.



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