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 Former member 2010-06-06 23:11:34


Hi Friends,

Having kids in your life is no doubt the best thing to happen to any woman, at the same time its the most taxing time if u raising kids in a nuclear family. In such situation having a support group or friends in the same situation really helps. I hope through this forum we are able to talk to each other and share our good, bad, lonely and fun moments. Also we can try and meet each other once a week or fortnight or a month and have a good time at the same time allowing our kids to have fun with each other.

Its very important to have emotional security and this can happen only if all really connect at a regular basis.

Lets be there for each other and hopefully find new friends for life.

Here's to all u lovely ladies who are struggling with their little ones and missing the warmth of a friend in their lives. Lets start a bond.....

Waiting for u all to say cheers to this idea and begin a new begnning.



mickey 2010-06-07 09:56:53


Hi Sahiba,

That is a great idea !!  How to go about it  ?? We are all from different locations/cities ! Atleast people in the same city can do that once in a while .....Rgds,Mickey


 Former member 2010-06-07 19:08:15


Hey!! that's a great idea...i'd love to join u...but mickey has a valid point...still never to late to give a try....tell me about u...ur 4m??



Madhuu 2010-06-07 22:04:17


Is the group restricted to only women or any parent?


Gayathrisury 2010-06-11 16:53:05


count me in too, pls. im frm chennai, how abt u all???




mickey 2010-06-11 17:23:06


Hi Gayatri,

All who have replied in this post are from different  cities !!  I am from Hyd , Rashi is from Pune, Madhu is from Banglore and Sahiba who has started thisdiscussion thread is from Mumbai ...



Gayathrisury 2010-06-11 21:48:38


oh thats good to hear from u!!!

tell me abt urself, everyone i mean..

well, ive 2 kids(6 & 3) . Jus' now put the younger one in a school (ye!!!!!!!! i will be free for sometime atleast. cudnt catch up with sleep, catching up friends, tv, etc...... for a very long time.)

not working, so i dont know what i will do hereinafter. not thought abt it. Atlast sometime to relax. mmmm........ whatelse????

G3 for short, ok....


 Former member 2010-06-12 12:09:54


hi all u lovely people to have replied back,

Sorry could not post earlier. Quiet happy to c all of u wanting to form the friendship bond. yes one problem that i c is that we all are from different cities but thats ok, we might not be able to meet but we can atleast be in touch with each other regularly.Atleast we will be able to be there for each other on a regular basis.

What we can do is keep posting to each other about ourselves everyday(if possible) that way we will have something to look forward to at the end of the day. It could be just about anything like, our families, problems, kids, friends, our dreams our fun moments or just plain gossip.

We never know there might come a stage when we could actually be able to meet someday in the near future, so lets b optimistic.

The whole idea of this is to have friends who can turn to be friends for life. Not a bad thought i guess.....

let me start with myself, i have two lovely kids, a son and a daughter aged 5 and 3yrs old. I stay in Thane, mumbai. I beleive in the philosphy" live and let live."

I keep myself motivated by reading lot on positive thinking and spirituality.

Apart from this i love clothes and hope to some day have my own boutique(i dream with my eyes open).

After my second kid i had put on like mad but with determination i am back in shape and thats making me feel good about myself.

I sometimes feel most of us, after kids kind of give up on ourselves and just accept the changes without doing much about it but i consciously take care of keeping myself fit after all we have one life to live and we need to live it to the fullest.

Also i love styling others that's something i am going to do once i have my own boutique, i believe a simple change in once appearance can make someone look great( no fortune needs to spent on that).

Hey hey i am getting carried away... i guess its enough for today.

Let me hear from you all and will then keep posting.

Have a great day.







ML2009 2010-06-13 03:04:46



im mom to 2 yr old and hunting for job...surely like to join the friendship bond...expressing in words doesn't come easily thou like to be in company of chatter box people ...my kid's playgroup to start from monday...firstday of playgroup...hope enjoys...


mickey 2010-06-14 12:24:28


Hi Sahiba ,ML , Rashi, Gayatri and Madhu,

Nice to hear from you all. Well,  I am a Software Engineer by profession and presently at home after taking a break  and  enriching my knowledge and skills nowadays. We have own company now.  Often log into parentree to  read different blogs , share my views on different topics and at the same time help some parents with info on schools too in whatever way i can.

I have two daughters aged 3 .2 and 13.10 yrs. A big gap ofcourse !!  

I enjoy reading, gardening and spending time with my children. Enjoy shopping with kids and for kids.My elder daughter is also a recipient of the Prestigious National Balshree Honour from the President of India in the field of Creative Arts and has many achievements in different  fields to her credit with the blessings of Almighty.  She is gifted child and a god's gift to me.

Today was the first day of my younger daughter in School. She is in Nursery now.

Had a hectic time ...You  all must be knowing how the first day is !! In the morning, she was very excited with her new school dress, basket and funky tiffin box and water bottle. By the time she was in the school premises, she wasn't ready to sit in her classroom. As today was the first day, parents were allowed to stay with the children and have fun with them. I hope she adjusts soon.

My elder daugter cried till she reached class 1. I used to feel so guilty and awful while dropping her to school and going to office. I used to often drop in to school as it was near to see her status. I hope the younger one settles off fast.

Hey Sahiba, its nice to know that u are a stylist. I think , i will have to take tips from you to get interested in shopping for myself.  I really lost interest after getting involved with kids. Should gear up now .....

Bye then friends,





 Former member 2010-06-14 15:53:36


Hi mickey,

Nice to c ur reply. Software engineer cool yaar...I wish i had seriously pursued some professional course to be able to do something of my own. when u say u have ur own company...u mean u have managed to utilise ur skills by working as a consultant by working home kinds????

As for being a stylist that's just my personal hobby nothing professional about it but yes would love to help you with all kind of tips i.e if at all u require them.

As for school both my kids would start gng to school on 17th of this month. They are in Kidzee. This would be my daughters first brush with school, though she sounds excited to go to school lets c what happens on the big day.

Great to know that your elder daughter is so gifted.God bless her..I am sure with her around,raising your second daughter would have been quiet easy. I for one really had a tuff time. Being a nuclear family with on one to support taking care of these two kids was just like having twins. Now that they are big its a relief and i have started getting sometime off for myself.

Earlier I was also a working woman doing the typical 9 to 5 job but then gave up to become a full time housewife. Right now i am itching to get back into starting something of my own but its a risk which at this stage i am not in a position to take.

Anyway as they say there is a time and place for everything, i would like to believe i need to wait for some time before things fall in place.

Right now my life is centred around my little ones.


Hi ML2009,

Your welcome to this bond, do tell us more about yourself....

Hi G3,

Yaa once with kids off to school, we will really have quiet a free time to indulge ourselves:) My kids will be gng to schl on 17th yippeee! Do write about urself.

Hi Rashi and maddhu,

There is no restriction as long as people are genuine and wanting to have a healthy bond of friendship. So Rashi if you are from pune no issues, just keep writing and telling us about urself and lets see how things move forward.

Bye write to you all again tom


 Former member 2010-06-14 15:57:32


Hi Everyone here,

I would definitely like to join this Chain of friends...the idea iteself is good.Its very true once u r child is born ,u want to giv most of ur time to him/her and emotionally get involve in kid ..u almost forgets that u own a life of your own.And after kid reach the time whn  they reach age of  2+...whn playschools age starts...u feel some time is there.

SO Ladies enough my personal thinking which i will keep sharing time to time....i hav a daughter of 2.10 years...few months bck only she started going to playschool...she is very interactive child ...always wants somebody around to talk.So once she is not at home i really feel that emptiness at my place.

Sahiba best of luck 4 ur boutique idea..Looking for more updates and more friends.

Luv ashu.


kamaad 2010-06-15 11:51:59


Hello friends...

rocking...... :)

very much inspired on ur discussions.. its really nice.. am also joining, lets form a healthy relationship.. share our happiness, experience.. tips.. etc..etc..

im a mother of 3 year old pretty angel... currently working as s/w engineer in chennai. somehow managing home and office.. :(

Next week my kid is going to join PRE.KG.. Eagerly waiting for that day.. Basically am a very friendly person...very much interested in making good friends..

Rest in the next post... takecare people...




mickey 2010-06-15 12:08:51


Hello Friends !

Welcome Nila. How do u manage ur daughter when u r at office ? Have u enagaged any nanny/baby sitter while u r away ? Its pretty difficult to work with a small child. 

Hi Sahiba,

Thanks for your wishes. I am not working as i have severe back problem and unable to work for long hours. I need to take break often. Any IT comany will squeeze u out with its erratic working hours. You will be completely drained off energy  when u come home.  The company which i have mentioned is my husband's brainchild. He is into Telecommunications, Networks etc. He wants me to join him and help him out.  Its a  new field for me.  So planning to join him shortly once i recover.





kamaad 2010-06-15 12:31:24


thanks mickey..

we had a maid.. but not at present .. she left 15 days back only due to some personal reasons..

eventhough she was not fast in her work and had some minus.., she took a good care of my child..  so spent my whole time after office with my kid.. but now a days dont find time to spend with my kid ...

so for the past 15 days we are struggling to manage bw kid, home and office..so am vigourously looking for a good maid or a better daycare..

Really feeling guilty when i leave my kid under someone's care.. its a kind of pressure for me as well as for my husband.. my MLW will be here til we find a better day care or a maid.. pblm is she is also worknig.. so she cannot afford more time...

am looking for a better solution..Lets C.. U people can also give ur valuable suggestions based on ur experiences...




 Former member 2010-06-15 18:41:07


Hi Ashu, Nila and Mickey,

Its always a pleasure to get to know new friends and i am enjoying the process.

Hey ashu, welcome to the club and hope to c u regurarly sharing more of yourself. Where do you stay and how do you manage your day??Do write a little more about yourself.....

Nila u too are a software engineer, cool.

I c u r in a dilemma right now with your littel kiddo and your job...I guess all working women go through this phase and its quiet tough... keeping your little angel with a day care should be ideal, atleast then you do not have to worry about maid not turning up some day but if you r planning to have a live in maid then maybe its a better option with her doing your house work and keeping meals ready for you after you come back from office.Personally i am not too fond of maids, i like them to just come for the basic work thats it..Here's hoping your problem gets solved at the earliest and you are able to breathe easy.

Dear mickey, i am sure you are taking care of your health. Have you tried alternative theraphy like yoga which really helps you get back to good health. Since you have taken a break from work, i would suggest depending upon the severity of your problem and consent of your doctor try and seek solution through yoga, just a suggestion tough.

Bye for now.




Madhuu 2010-06-15 18:55:52


Hi Sahiba,

You are yet to reply to my note. Is this group only for women or men can join?



mickey 2010-06-15 19:30:41


Hi Madhu,

Sahiba has already replied above (14th June) .There is no restriction as long as people are genuine and wanting to have a healthy bond of friendship......



manju2madhu 2010-06-15 22:54:30


hi Friends!

It is a wonderful idea. I would love to join this group. I am new to Parentree and by chance saw this group and got too impressed.

Am from chennai, home maker. I have 2 kids , both boys -  2 1/2 and 7 years each. Having a wonderful time  with them but attimes it just gets too much.

This week was hectic , with schools reopening. My little one just joined playschool and is making a big fuss to go to school . He wants me to come and sit with him inside the class.

 I don't know whether what we are doing is right to wrong , that is sending kids as young as 2 1/2  to go to school  and listen to instructions!!! I very much like the idea of studies only after 6years as in most of the abroad countries.

okay, I will stop with that. Trust we will all have a good time sharing our thoughts, actions and have lots of fun.


kamaad 2010-06-16 11:48:36


Thanks Sahiba and Mickey..

yes sahiba ..u r r8.. actually sometimes am very much frustrated becoz of all these pblms.. also i too not interested to have a maid in the home.. we wil lose our privacy and everyday we will face some issues..but its quite common only..

 but in my case i dont have any other options.. am feeling my kid will grow up well healthwise if she gets homecare.. Bcoz i dont have more ideas about daycares...

Actually am looking for a reliable inhouse maid who can take care of my kid and do household work..through some reference. But i dont know when i will get it.. we searched through agencies also, dont know how reliable are they.. So stopped searching thro agencies..

Meantime i need to depend on the daycare only...

So we searched for good daycare for the past one week and got a better one near our house itself. she started going there from today(jst 2 hrs initially)..i jst leave her there and came to office.. i called the daycare, the teacher said she is njoying there. Her school starts from 28th, so this 10 days is  just a trial process to get along with the kids and persons in the daycare..

my wish is she shd adapt there..

Mickey... Regarding the technology,im mainly into .net platform. Last few months i worked on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.... 



mommyash 2010-06-16 12:17:07



this blog is rocking.....! and rocking full on!!!

hey mickey...take care girl....i know ur condition can be very painful....i have a relative who has same problem as urs....she has been in immense pain for the past 10 yrs or so...but chooses to live with it....she is a dr, but still does not want to go for surgery....

sahiba...all the best for ur boutique dream......we actually have very few (more or less none) good boutiques in mumbai.....i get all my clothes stitched from delhi....as my in laws stay there, but due to work pressure, now my delhi trips have reduced drastically.....m searching and searching for good tailors and boutiques here....but to no avail....so sahiba...if u do start ur own boutique....count me as a potential client....

ML2009, G3, rashi, madhua, Ashus, Kamaad, Manju2madhu......where r u guys from?

i am ashita from Mumbai....am a practising company secretary....34 yrs old...been married for nearly 10 yrs now.....i have two kids aged 4.9 yrs and 7 months......its great being a mom....fills my days with so much love and affection......my hubby is a banker.....i started my own consultancy when my elder daughter was about 6 months old, from my own house...by the grace of god.....i moved into my own office with staff within a yr.....and thats it......am a working woman during day time and a mom thereafter.....however, i guess quitting corporate life and starting my own thing was the best decision i took, as i am bound by no timings.....and can give more time to my kids.....

hey sahiba.....i wld be moving to thane in about 3-4 months.....


mickey 2010-06-16 12:49:46


Hello friends,

Great going...u r welcome to share your thoughts Madhuu....still waiting from Sahiba is it ???

Hi Nila,

Gr8 to know that u  r  a .net   gal......i am sure your angel is going to adjust soon in the daycare and would relieve your tension...u have done a good thing by joining her for some days before her school re-opens. She will get adjusted by then.

Hi mommyash,

Welcome to this bond..

Thanks for ur concern.. i am still in two minds  whether to go for surgery or not....lets see...its really nice to know that u have established yourself so soon  and have time for kids too.. wish u good luck..

Hey Sahiba and others too,

Can u give me some tips how to reduce the flab on upper arms...though i manage to lose weight easily, the problem areas are my upper arms.. they don't reduce.. i can't do muscle and weight training with dumbells bcoz of my  back problem.

2 Kg dumbell  suits me. But will it show any result ? Do let me know how to tighten the upper arms and reduce the flab too ..




Madhuu 2010-06-16 14:07:34



I read your note today morning and went back and checked sahiba's note. I am Roshan and basically from Coorg. My nick name is Madhu.I am in Bangalore from 2 decades and I am 35 years old. I have one sweet daughter studying in LKG this year. We had no problem in sending her to play school as well as main school. She started going to play school when she was 1Y8M old, nursery in 2Y8M and so on....I will share more details later...get back to work.





 Former member 2010-06-16 15:44:12


I am so happy seeing everyone sounding so positive about joining and being in this group. When i started this thread i was quiet apprehensive but after seeing your responses i am overwehlmed. Its not about numbers but the few genuine people who want to bond together, that is making this place rocking :)

Firstly a warm welcom to Manju2Madhu and Ashita, great that you both are now part of this group.

Hey manju2madhu , i do agree that sending kids to school at the tender age of 2.5yrs is not the right age but unfortunately in India we have no choice but adhere to these norms. Yes some kids take more time than the others to adjust to the school enviornment but thats normal. Even my daughter will start her school tom, right now she is looking forward to going there, lets c what she does tom:)The best part is when i told her that, there might b many kids who would be crying to go back home, she was like, don't worry i'll not cry and even ask those babies not to cry, i'll play with them..ha ha ha.

Hi Ashita,

Delhi ki ya baat hai???Wahaan ke kapde or fashion uff. I am sure, if u r used to the delhi scene, u would have great taste in clothes.Right now if u see me, u won't believe i am even remotely connected with fashion or style. Though i have managed to reduce my weight i have yet to get my wardrobe organised. Getting a good tailor is the biggest challenge...Basically i am from mumbai but for the last one and a half years we were in goa, i  have just shifted to thane.What about u???Wr r u planning to shift. do let me know. it will be great to meet you.

Dear Nila,

Now that you have us in your life, learn to relax, we will be there for you to give you all the emotional support u need.

As a mother, i know how hard it can be to leave your little angel with someone else since you have no choice,make sure whatever you decide a maid or a daycare, you need to have full confidence in them. Until and unless you as mother are not comfortable with the people you leave your child with i doubt if you will ever be relaxed.. Also the feedback from your own child will give you the feel of the place or your  maid incase you decide to opt for one. A happy child generally is in good hands.

Hi Madhu,

So you r from bangalore. Nice to know you. Do tell us more about your little one and your family..

Last but not the Least its dear Mickey,

7 yrs is a long time to suffer the pain dear. I know your dilemma in going ahead with the operation when your daughther is in her 10th but i guess you need to take the decision sooner or later. Will pray for you to heal fast. In the mean time why don't you do one small exercise each day, which is saying a positive affirmation to yourself everyday something like "my back pain is healing and it is getting better with each day"I know it sounds silly but if you do it with conviction it seems to work. That doesn't mean you will never have to do surgery but atleast the pain might ease away. Since there are no side effects to this positive affirmations no harm in saying it everyday:) I believe in the power of our mind over body.

Mickey as for the exercise for the upper arms i do not know of any specific exercise, i must confess that, the only way i managed to reduce my weight (i need to tone my body though)was by doing my housework.Since my kids were small and i had no support system there was no way i could have gone to the gym,so i literally did jhadu pocha by myself for a whole year apart from that i used to walk and take the steps instead of the lift. Once these kids are set into a routine, i might try and go to a gym and then maybe share some tips with you.

Will end this post with "Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.~ Buddha




 Former member 2010-06-16 15:49:33


hey Rashi,G3 and ML where r u all? Missing ur action on this thread. Rush and post something about urselves and c what we all have been sharing till date. Some more friends have joined  this thread, get to know them too.

Bye and c u'll soon.


darkinspiration 2010-06-16 15:59:33


 Hi everybody,


Mickey would know me through our chats in parentree. Am Ann from trivandrum, Kerala. haven't seen anybody from this part till now on parentree. am planning to move to hyderabad by next school year and really tensed up about it as am a single parent. 

I have a daughter who is going to be 12 this september now in class VII. though i thank god everyday for giving me a healthy and smart kid, some days it gets out of my hand that I want to bang my head on the wall.  The friends i have r married but nobody has kids, which means they wont understand wat ur talking about. so its nice to share thoughts, ask advises, and all.


Good idea of starting a group like this.


mommyash 2010-06-16 16:43:23


so does anyone has any special plans for their kids over this weekend?


mickey 2010-06-16 17:08:45


Hi Ann and Pritam,

Welcome to this friendship bond..Hey don't worry Ann, once u r in hyd , feel free to contact me or talk to me anytime about school or any help u need. I have replied about Dikhsa Waldorf school in the post. Do check out.  Parenthood is challenging under best of conditions and with one parent ,challenges are multipied.  Balancing your work, home, being a good mom and dad is no easy task  which u r already doing. Thats great ...  Friends act as a buffer against loneliness,anxiety and depression.....we are there for you ..feel free to write to us..

Hi Sahiba, Wow, you have managed to shed those extra kilos by household chores..unbelievable.... I have been giving  positive affirmations to myself  and do meditation from time to time..thats how i have been managing all these years.. need to be regular as u say....thanks...i always keep myself occupied  with something or the other so that i keep my pain at bay. Yes  ..i do believe in mind power..

Hi Madhu,

Nice to hear from u. So you are from Scotland of India, Coorg. Heard a lot about this beautiful Hill Station. Never visited though..

Hi Pritam,

Support from FIL..thats great..never heard of it.....working on which module of  SAP ? howz the market for Oracle apps now ??.

Hello Friends,

I have always been fascinated by the cartoon character Mickey right from my childhood. So thought of having my nick name as mickey  in parentree..not a bad idea i guess ??  U can call me Kiran too....

Ok bye for now....





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