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shobha 2009-08-27 10:25:18


Hi All,

You will see a reply button in your inbox for every mail you recieve in the future. This feature will not be available for your old emails.

The best part is, click it and you will also see the original message quoted in the reply.

Hope you find this feature useful.



jayabs 2009-08-27 10:41:19


hi shobha..will check on will be good to have the reply feature...and also i guess the inbox most of hte times has problems like not loading or having error in pages..its quite difficult to open the mails in the first click...either we need to refresh the page and click or keep clicking to try our luck...

is there something which can be done ?! also the "select all" feature doesnt work i delete mails in one go...



shobha 2009-08-28 09:30:12


Hi jayabs,

Thanks for bringing these problems to our notice. We have made one change which we think may take care of the click problems you listed. Check out the inbox and let us know if you still see the problems. If you still see them, please send me information on the following (you can respond here or send me a message) - Speed of your Internet connection, your PC's operating system and the browser & version you are using.

Also, selecting all and deleting would only delete all the emails on the page being displayed. Are you referring to deleting all the mails in your inbox? If so, we don't have that feature in place yet.




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