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sathya 2008-11-19 10:46:56


Hi everyone,

We closed our Childrens Day contest last night. The response was amazing. We had 30+ entries.

Our website had its busiest week last week as all of you kept coming back to read more and more entries. I hope this encourages everyone to share more - not just the funny stuff - but also many other things that we encounter daily as parents.

One of the motivations behind having a contest was to show everyone that we all love to share and hear about each others parenting experiences. I hope we will see more of you write in the future!!

As for the entries themselves, they were awesome. Just like me when I write, I am sure most of you worried about whether you have written it well. Don't worry, the judges are parents too. The focus is on the spirit of the entry and not the language. And that however makes it difficult, as all the entries were soooo good. But a winner we must pick, and we are working on it.

Expect to hear from us soon,


sathya 2008-11-19 10:53:34


Contest entries can be seen at this link

Contest page is here



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