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Parentree-GroupsCoordinator 2010-08-17 21:59:20


Purpose of the group:

Welcome all !! A group for those who hail from holy city VARANASI (Uttar
Pradesh) and are now working /settled in Metros.


Rules of the group:

You can post any querry/suggestion/information/experience regarding parenting, events around you, problems you face in a metro, what you like about your new city etc; so that a help can be sought. NO ABUSIVE LANGUAGE PLEASE !!

Link to the group:

Parents from Varanasi


ikshita123 2013-10-19 02:44:44


first of all happy to write on a page like this,it is first thing that comes in mind when i think of my childhood with ma kiddos is LIFE IN METRO.Here are some facts that i xperiencd in metro city- is busy,no doubt but its upto us... as their is choices(how u want to live) available, which v  never get in varanasi.
2.basic needs definately gets fulfilled as no long power cuts,water shortages or infrastructure issuse. quality also better along with xtra activities of our choice.
4.definately not much of social complication which peoples face in small towns,as all are free to practice their own believes,no imposings as mostly service class lives in metro,who are educated and  have nuclear family.


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