ASD & Allied Neurological Disorders-Effective Therapies & Therapy Centers (excepting Biomedical)

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Constellation 2014-04-12 19:46:02


Hi All! I have been silently going through various posts eversince July when my then 5yr old son was diagnosed under ASD. I don't want to discuss Biomed approach as there have lots of discussion about it. At somewhat fundamental level,I believe that some of the common thread which I find our kids are suffering from, in various degrees and combination are :-• joint attention impairment• a disorganised mind where information needs be integrated/lack of integration• lack of coordination,be it physical,mental or both• lack of impulse control• limited attention span• communication deficit• social interaction deficit• lack/poor initiation of activities/play/communication• cognitive development• lack of imaginationThese are some illustrations only.What are the best practices to cope with them,the therapies which could make a perceptible differences to them.Are there any evidence based therapies,as practiced in leading centers of west which are available/used here. The efficacy and evaluation of such practices in parental experience. I would be grateful if members of parentree share their views and experiences! 


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