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rkpr 2014-03-13 23:01:21


I feel that you must screen the reviews before anybody uploads anything on your website. As there could be many things written by a person which may not be true. Especially in case of Schools and the negative reviews at that which is not true and baseless.

rkpr 2014-03-13 23:12:21


If you feel it should be written about then coordinators of your website or blog must check the authenticity before posting it. The review written by a parent making personal comment on teachers is in bad taste. Probably he/she doesn't know that how much effort and hard work they have done all their life. It is always nice to look beautiful than looking gloomy and sad.

dhabu 2014-03-13 23:14:01



dhabu 2014-03-13 23:16:01


Just today I have joined. Need info abt crying /laughing spell in autistic childs

Parentree-GroupsCoordinator 2014-03-15 11:53:50



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