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Parentree-GroupsCoordinator 2014-01-31 12:57:51


Did you know you can upload pictures to Parentree discussions, easily from your desktop/laptop or your mobile/tablet?

When you open the editor, you will see two buttons on the toolbar. The one on the far right (that looks like a camera), can be used to upload a picture from your hard drive or your mobile phone camera. This picture has to be less than 2 MB in size.  It will be resized to fit into Parentree discussions.

The following picture was uploaded from the laptop

Uploaded image

The button to the left of camera (that shows a mountain range with the sun) can be used to insert a picture URL. This picture will not be stored on Parentree.

For example, this picture below is from yahoo

So please upload those pictures of admissions documents and selection lists and share directly from your mobile phone.


San814 2017-10-13 16:17:26


Sir I'm not able to upload photo in my Sri kumaran 2018-19 thread.....though my pic size is below 2mb n format is .jpg.....n I'm using that camera icon which is given.

Parentree-GroupsCoordinator 2017-10-16 07:51:28


Hi @San814,

Please let us know the platform (PC, Mac, Phone, iPad etc.,), Operating System and browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox etc.,)  you are using. Also, can you send us the JPG to and we can test it ourselves also.



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