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Parentree-GroupsCoordinator 2013-09-29 13:23:20


Hi Parents,

Over the last 5 years, Parentree has grown tremendously. We have become the leading site in India for school admissions, school reviews and for child advice, with all of you sharing information so well.

Every site must change to keep up with the time. So we are changing too.

1. We are focusing on mobile also - smartphones and tablets like iPhone, iPad and Android. Now it is easier to browse the site from phones and tablets and to post. In fact, you can now upload photographs directly from smartphones and tablets. We hope to see more posts from parents, with photographs of notices taken from school notice boards.

2. We have refocused our content into 3 areas - Schools by city, Children by age and  Groups based on interest. This is to make it easy to find information on schools separately, from discussions abotu children based on age or discussions based on a shared interest among parents.

3. Discussions - see latest first. If you want to, you can choose to see the latest posts first in each discussions (reverse chronological order). For active discussions, returning users will find this very useful. You have to enable this setting only once and it applies sitewide. You can always go back to seeing earliest posts first (chronological order).

4. Inbox - new and with delete functionality. The inbox has been modified and delete functionality has been added.

5. Speed - We have made many fundamental changes in the backend to speed up the site.

6. User activities - It is now easy to see what each user has posted by clicking on their username. Their profile page shows this.

7. Growth charts - Our baby and child growth charts have been updated to use the latest data recommended for India.

8. Many other small changes have been made that we do not want to list here. We hope old users will notice the improvements while new users will enjoy a smoother experience.

What has been removed:
1. Blogging is no longer available. Blogs you have already written are still shown in user profiles. They have not been deleted. However, new blogs cannot be written and comments cannot be added to archived blogs. We did this because most of the blogs were mostly questions and requests for feedback, rather than for personal experiences.

Do send us feedback on your experience with the new site.


Loga345 2013-09-30 19:44:34


Sir, Can i get the old look back.. It was all in one screen.. The new look is difficult to use..... :(

Loga345 2013-09-30 19:52:34


I don't like this new look... sorry to say.. I am very much used to the old one......

Parentree-GroupsCoordinator 2013-10-01 06:06:55



Thanks for the comment. The look has to be the same for everyone, as besides the look, there have been many performance changes.
Tell me what you liked about the old look that you could not find here. It would be useful for us as we improve the site.



KALPAN 2013-10-01 12:57:23


  Where to see all the latest discussions be it of any school, any group etc like we used to see before.

KALPAN 2013-10-01 12:58:10


    And also all the discussion in which I have participated in the past???

openroad 2013-10-01 13:42:56


I like to thank your team for this. You are right, the site is really fast now and I find the interface very intuitive. I think people should find the information very quickly with few clicks and the chances of asking the same thing again and again will/should reduce. Great site. Thanks again.

openroad 2013-10-01 13:49:19


BTW, looks like the announcements group is not there anymore. Am I missing something?.

Parentree-GroupsCoordinator 2013-10-01 14:13:39


@openroad - Thank you. The announcements groups have been removed, yes.

@kalpan - If you view your own profile, you can see all your activities. Your profile is at www.parentree.in/User/kalpan

@kalpan - The latest discussions for each City or Child age group are in their respective pages. For example, if you want to see latest Mumbai discussions go to www.parentree.in/India/Mumbai. If you want to see the latest for children aged 2 to 5 go to www.parentree.in/India/Preschoolers-2-5-years. These are available in the menu bar at the top.


PiaKaushik 2013-10-03 16:25:37


PGC.... I am very sorry to say... didn't liked this new look at all! Its very clumsy and non-user friendly! My earnest request to you to get some user friendly look!

1. This look is very confusing... takes lots of time to search some old post!
2. Fonts are too big!
3. Schools list goes down, down and down!
4. There is no link to start a new discussion in the home page!
5. Blogs are removed! Had read some amazing blogs and missing them!

In one word,  DISAPPOINTED!!

Parentree-GroupsCoordinator 2013-10-04 18:57:36



Thanks for speaking up.

>1. This look is very confusing... takes lots of time to search some old post!
Have you tried the search function at the top of the page?

>2. Fonts are too big!
What platform are you seeing this on and in what browser? We have tested on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy. Please let us know.

>3. Schools list goes down, down and down!
True, it is long. However, on Mobile and tablet, this display is minimized when the page loads and you have to click a button to show the schools list. On the desktop, the pagination is available at the top of the page, and just below the last discussion on the page. Unless you keep scrolling past the last discussion, you will not notice the length of the school list.  We had spent quite a bit of time thinking about this design. Please tell us exactly how this is not working. That would be great to know!!

>4. There is no link to start a new discussion in the home page!
In the older version, you started a discussion and then you had to click a dropdown to pick the group. Here the order is reversed. You pick a group first and then start the discussion. This also reduces the number of discussions started in wrong groups.

>5. Blogs are removed! Had read some amazing blogs and missing them!
Yes, there were some amazing blogs. However, there were too many users requesting their external blogs be added. And we had to manually process each blog post to reduce spam. It cannot be automated. Most users who wrote blogs on the platform, asked about schools. This resulted in duplicates. So we removed the blogs. For users, who want to list their external blogs, the user profile allows that. There are many tools available to track the posts in external blogs.

Thanks again for the feedback,

sachpreet 2013-10-04 20:59:51


Frankly this look is very boring.Earlier one was able to see headline of topic & can reply immediately. Now if i post something in personal relationship or any problem related to my child in relevant group,I'm not sure others will notice that immediately & will be able to help me.

Nafees 2013-10-06 00:35:23



Sorry to say but one more negative feedback on your site's new avatar for the following reason:

1. Honestly reading threads in the new format is as bland as reading an MS Word Document. 
2.Old look was all in one screen. Now its all hap hazard.
3.If you are at end of the page of a particular discussion you have to scroll all the way up to go to next or prev page. Also you don't have a "Go to X page" functionality.
4. there are no number specified next to the discussion showing how may replies it received.
5. The date on which the post was done is not reflecting and it talks in so many days ago terms.
6. With new look I thought there will be new technologies that you will use like Tagging. Its could have helped in schools discussion section.

Finally, if this new look was developed keeping in mind your mobile/tablet audience you could have always done that with an "m.parentree.com" url and should have left the original look as it is for the desktop users. Frankly I haven't seen any large website messing around with its original site as much as you have done just to ease its usage on mobile platforms.

We have benefited from the site immensely in the past and would love to see its popularity grow and hence the suggestions. Request you to please take these comments in good spirit.


Zahida 2013-10-07 00:30:36


Hi  first would like to appreciate all the effort taken to create such a blog. But I would like some clarity on what eexactly the purpose is. If this is an informative blog for helping parents to find good places it great,but request you to please not to encourage negative comments against people sincerely doing good work,without knowing the truth.


RoshMom 2013-10-10 10:17:40


As mentioned by Piakaushik, the school list runs past the last discussion. it is a long scroll if I am looking for a school with the name starting with T. Could an alphabetical pagination be provided or a provision to enter the school name( a text box) in which I can enter the school name and the school list in a drop down box can be refreshed and displayed to the user?

Pagination for a particular discussion is available both at the top and the bottom. The bottom one is displayed below the reply section. 


Nafees 2013-10-10 22:25:12


@RoshMom .... Yes we discovered that ourselves yesterday :)
Interesting to note that its been pointed out by you (a co-user) after 4 days and not the original poster/Coordinator.

BTW .... Thanks a lot for the details on CIE & IB that you sent through mail. It is very helpful. We are still deliberating on this .... the tilt is towards CIE/IGCSE as of now.

Parentree-GroupsCoordinator 2013-10-11 19:06:30


@Roshmom - On the school list, a search function is on our list of to dos. Thanks

@Nafees - Thanks for your suggestions.
Blandness - Happy to take any suggestions from you. Are you a UI designer by any chance?
Old look - We understand the utility of a stream like we had in the previous version. We will see what we can do.
Pagination - Glad you found it
# of replies - This was removed in the interest of speed. We will look into it again.
Date - This is the current popular time format, across the web.
Tagging - We used to have tagging before. No one used it.


Parentree-GroupsCoordinator 2013-10-12 15:32:18


HI All,

The school search function has been implemented to one does not have to scroll to find the school.


RoshMom 2013-10-12 20:22:37


Thanks PGC. I am sure the search functionality will be very helpful to all. 

Gopinathj 2013-10-16 23:53:09


How to see friend's posts? How to see my posts?


RoshMom 2013-10-17 05:15:32



Under the "account" main menu' you have options to view your posts thro "my profile" and friends' post thro "friends" link. 

Gopinathj 2013-10-17 12:09:48


:( You have made it tougher..

Earlier it was like 'Social Feeds' through which we can see all the updates of friends in a single page.. But now, we need to get into each friends name to see the content.. Complex design..

Gopinathj 2013-10-17 22:56:41


where do i see the latest posts? Sometimes i am seeing it and sometimes i'm not able to find it. :(

ABHI123456 2013-10-19 17:12:24


The old look was better. Now I finding it diffcult to get feedbacks ... I don't like this new avatar.


Parentree-GroupsCoordinator 2013-10-19 20:02:03


@Kalpan and @Gopinathj - The latest posts made by everyone is on the front page now. You can see up to the 50 latest activities.



KALPAN 2013-10-22 11:40:01


Thanks for making available the latest posts on front page.  Pl incorporate the 'GROUP' also in that as was available earlier.


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