How much sugar should we allow our kids to consume?

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Crooner 2011-01-07 11:45:22


 This is a matter of growing concern in India. Kids consume more sugar than they should, in this country. We have made it a point not to serve white/polished sugar at our home. We serve jaggery and honey instead. We also try to educate our kids about the health hazards caused by overconsumption of sugar. Please share your views regarding this matter. 


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RoshMom 2011-01-07 14:28:06


Hi Crooner,

My mother in law is diabetic and since diabetis is hereditary, we decided that we will not introduce sugar for our little one till he is 1.5 yrs. So Till he turned 1.5, we never added any sugar to his juice or milk. And obviously no chocolates and icecreams. Now he is 5 and he is not fond of sugar he can even say no to chocolates and icecreams and he can't have any Indian sweets as he finds them too sweet. We are not much worried about that.  We also discuss about the tooth cavities, obesity and diseases caused by sugar.  Once the kids develop sweet teeth it's very difficult to make them avoid sweets.

Some of the things which we follow at home are

1. Never eat any sugary cereals for breakfast

2. never give sweets as reward for our son

3. No sugary snack such as cake or cookies for school.  homemade healthy Indian snacks are sent.

4. We have fruits for dessert instead of  icecream or cakes or brownies

5. We request our close friends not to bring sweets or candies for the kid when they visit our home.

6. We also don't give sweets when we go to other's house. Instead we buy activity books or sticker or story books or puzzles for the children.


subhapunati 2011-01-07 14:39:22


You are true RoshMOm.

I also won't give sugar related substances to him. If needed i will use honey and some times jaggery. If he is going to have snacks then most of the time it will be different types of fruits. No lays, kurkure stuff also.

Some times home made indian snacks.



Crooner 2011-01-07 15:01:17


 this is really inspiring...I see so much sugar consumption in our country, especially by kids that its good to see people like you who are raising their kids with the right nutrition!!



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