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sripranavi 2020-04-05 19:01:52


hi aanchal
 i am anuradha for chennai my daughter is 11yrs 6months old studying 6th std and now she is going to 7th std.  here in my area there is no play ground and no chindren in her age group she is not playing out side and some times i am going a walk with her she is not showing interest in studies now a days and she is 48 kg .   i want to reduce her weight so i put her in yoga class . but she is not going properly because it is very difficult for her to get up early she started crying and annoying me which is spoiling my mood for the whole day i really want a diet chart for her and she is easily getting angry and very moodswinging and for every thing she started crying is a harmonal change (some of my friends are also telling the same thing)or what can i do for her  but my side mistake is i am not spending more time with her 

  please answer for this in my e mail id if possible 
my id is anuraghavs@gmail.com
thankyou in advance



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