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meenasriram 2014-12-24 11:42:07


Hello all,
Would like to check if anyone has faced problem of flat feet. My son aged 5 1/2 years has feet pains since the last 3 years. Earlier the doc. had diagnosed it as initial stage of rickets. Later the other doc. in apollo delhi has diagnosed it as flat feet. As we didnt get any benefit with the insole he had advised for him, we showed him to another doctor here in Dubai (we are based in Dubai) who has again diagnosed it as flat feet. We have done the tests for calcium, vit D and ESR and hemoglabin. All the levels are normal only hemoglobin is less with 2 nos. than the normal. He is facing pain in the front of feet (ankle) almost everyday and we have to give paracetamol many a times. If anybody had faced this kind of trouble and had got relief from some treatment, i humbly request, pleassssssssssse get it touch with me and share the information. My poor son is in pathetic pain, please help. Thanks and god bless, Meenakshi Sriram/Natarajan Sriram

vrada 2015-02-12 14:04:14


Hmm Meena.. I myself have (flexible)flatfoot but never faced any such problem. I don't think it should be such a serious concern.I walk a lot(can walk 3-5 km at a stretch when needed- letting you know that its not a serious complication). I get pain only when I stand continuously. if I keep moving or just change leg and take few steps, then no pain. Of course children may not be able to bear that pain - and also depends on their pain taking ability( I do have very low pain taking ability too.) but hardly remember any serious issue that happened even in my childhood because of this. In-fact I never knew I had a flat foot until I was 20. I used Scholl's insoles for an year or so but was irritated as I had to only wear shoes and no other footwear and then stopped wearing even that and didn't take any treatment So be relaxed. If you aim him to be in some sports- follow Doctor's guidelines or consult a sports doctor too.
Also it is said that children have chances to develop the arch till 9-10. So make him do exercise for calf and foot. Pls Google and you may find some. Change his standing/walking postures. And don't give paracetamol/painkillers to kids-harmful to liver.



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