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chitu 2009-12-08 07:49:53



Hi i am planning to lose weight ,so i have changed my food habits now i am in diet and i walk and jog in treadmill everyday for 45 min (but i do on evening  app at 7.00 pm).my concern is i am having rice once in a week either sat or sun .that to i am keeping rice directly in stove and removing all the starch (i am having boiled rice).now i want to know whether boiled rice is gud? can i have rice once in a week? and will all the carbohydrate wil be drained or will some carbs will be there? (as per method which i mentioned).

Kindly help me in this issue .










LIZ 2009-12-09 15:34:56


having rice once a week is no problem. from my personal experience i feel that it is the type of food that is your weakness that u should try to control.for me i lost weight after cutting down on sweets. exercise also try to do do 7 days aweek if u ant weight loss. i started with 5 days a week but had no effect it is once i started doing every day of the week that i found some difference. so all the best for the neww u.


 Former member 2010-06-26 16:09:34


fst i wud like to knw ur weight.according to tht i cn suggest u one food chart tht wil help u in loosing weight.plus u sud take special care if  u r diabetic or if u hav any health problm.wht i feel tht dieting is nt gud.to loose weight u sud control ur calorie intake.plus u've to fix timing of ur food.a few thngs u hav to follow bt accordin to ur weight n height.



mickey 2010-06-26 19:34:32


Hi Chitu,

Came across this discussion just now. I am a bit late in replying , i think.

Draining water from rice is not a good option. Most of the nutrients and carbs are lost.

You can have boiled rice cooked in pressure cooker. Instead of draining the water, reduce the quantity of rice in your diet. Infact u can have  a small bowl of rice every day in lunch  with dal and curry along with your regular excercise routine. Include plenty of salads and fruits in your diet and take 5 to 6 small meals and have plenty of water. Atleast 8 glasses of water in a day.

If at all u are having rice only once a week, there is no need to drain the starch water.



chitu 2010-06-26 21:10:25


Thank u ishy and mickey. i am regular in my exercise and diet but i dint find any difference in my weight loss goal,but still working hard i have reduced only 5 pounds in past 4 months even thoughi work hard .i do treadmill atleast 45 minuts a day and cycling 30 minutes. i need u r help in tis .my weight is 158lbs and 5.3 is my height


mickey 2010-06-27 13:15:50


Hi Chitu,

If you  have been regularly exercising and having diet control ,u should have lost some weight by now. 

Did u get your thyroid levels checked ? U can always get a thyroid profile done which tests your T3, T4 and TSH levels. Incase , you are having hypothroidism even in the border , you will have low metabolism rate. U need to take a proper dosage to compensate the hormone level in the body so that you will have a proper metabolism.This would help you to lose weight . I would advise you to take an opinion of endochrinologist too. 

You can also try Herbalife products. Formula1 with  Protein powder.  www.herbalife.com/ 

It is a very healthy and nutritious drink with required supplements and keeps hunger pangs at bay . You can have it for breakfast and your supper/dinner with ur regular lunch.





 Former member 2010-06-27 18:03:03


158 lbs means 72 kg approximately.as ur height is 5'3", ur weight sud b around 57 kg.i wud like to giv u a few suggesstions bt plz b careful in case u hav any health problm or u ve undergone any surgery.

take all ur meals on time,mostly.ur brkfst sud b heavy.lunch lighter n dinner lightest.in case u feel hungry in between ur meals,take a bowl of salads/sprouted moong n chana wid small pieces of half tomato/skimmed milk nt more thn 150 ml.alwys take ur dinner around 8pm i.e. at least  3 hrs b4 sleep.if u feel hungry at the time of sleep,take one cup of skimmed milk.bt ur milk intake sud nt b more thn 300ml per day.stop non veg n junk food.no problm in takin rice twice a week.any routine wht u follow,plz do it for minimum 3 mnths thn only u wud b able to see the difference.one more  important thng,alwys take lukewarm water as u get up in morning.thn u shud nt take anythng minimum for 1 hr nt even tea.

i'll giv u recipes 4 ur brkfst,lunch n dinner if u need.


mickey 2010-06-27 21:27:41


Hi Ishy,

Can u please give ur recipes for brkfst, lunch and dinner . I would like to go on diet. I would like to reduce 3 to 4 kgs. I can't hit gym or do rigorous exercise due to back problem.  I have hypothroidism too on the border level and take a minimum dosage of 25umcg thyronorm every day.  My weight keeps fluctuating +2 or -2 every week. At times i feel too  heavy and other times , i feel very light . Want to go for some planned diet if possible.





LavanyaP 2010-06-27 22:51:19


hi ishy

i wld also like to hv ur recepies for meals daily. i need to lose atleast 10 kg!!! hitting a gym everyday wld be a problem as i plan to start working shortly..



Madh 2010-06-28 17:56:37


Hi All,

I am a mother of 3 year old and I was also 10 kgs overweight.

I managed to reduce 5 kgs purely by following Rujuta diwekar's book - dont lose your mind lose your weight..It is a wonderful book which gives an excellent insight into what you should eat and when.Anybody who wants to reduce weight in a healthy way ought to read this wonderful book..It has a few principles regarding eating right things at the right time..I have followed this book meticulously and seen the results myself.Rujuta diwekar is Kareena kapoor's dietician who helped her achieve size zero during the shoot of Tashan.I highly recommend this book.If you follow this you wont need any diet recipes..



mickey 2010-06-29 09:04:30


Hi Madh, Thank you for your suggestion. Cheers,Mickey


buji 2010-06-29 15:42:33


Hi mickey,

The weight flucation is nothing but the water content in the body. If u go on fasting one day by having tea alone for 2 times. Then nextday morning ur weight will be 1kg less. As when ur body goes into fasting mode the water gets drained frm the body since there is nofood to digest. So in weighing scale it will fluctuate to 1kg less. So again when u have nice lunch or dinner it will increased to the samelevel.  I have tried everything got reduced and gained back by eating so many mangoes as i love to eat mangoes my favourite fruit. Doing yoga and walking in treadmill and eating moderately can reduce weight. Following that is bit tough.





mickey 2010-06-29 17:00:25


Hi Buji,

Thanks... Nobody can resist mangoes. You get to have this only in summer, that too for 11/2 to 2 months only. So where is the question of avoiding it unless one has diabetes. I don't think by eating mango, you put on weight.  I was thinking of a planned diet and adherence to a strict diet apart from regular brisk walk to reduce 4 to 5 kgs. I can't do rigorous activity hence wanted some good diet chart. As such iam a pure vegetarian. I will try  Rujuta's book as suggested by Madh and follow ur suggestion too to be consistent in the exercise routine .



 Former member 2010-06-29 17:49:47


any food which is low in calorie is gud.low calorie recipe available on internet,jst try them.to loose weight,avoid non veg n junk food.add high fibre recipes in ur diet.

even i've lost around 10 kg. after my delivery.bt anybdy sud nt loose weight suddenly.slow n steady is alwys good.climbing stairs is a very gud exercise. bt take care if u hav any health problm.follow ur routine minimum fr 3-4 mnths thn only u wud b able to see the result.right food n right exercise is very important.first see,frm where u sud loose d weight..whether its tummy or thigh or wht...thn choose exercise according to tht..

hope u ppl r getttin sum help.


preetyslim 2012-02-10 10:36:23


 hi everybody all in this discussion here to reduce weight i am also trying very hard but i think i will do that as before also i have gained some weight and reduce the weight

as marraige season are going on i think no mummies tummy can allow we all mummies to be on diet but atleast we can try......

i follow some diet routine as below: may this can help out all mummies tummy try out...

morning hot water with honey and some methi seeds i gallop with it

then tea time i have normal tea with less sugar wit lots of tea masala in it, 

say around 9.00 morning i have one fruit (banana chikoo strictly no no)u can have apple strawberries papaya or any other fruit u like..

around 10.15 i have some khakra say one or two without ghee 

i go to pick up my child at school i climb down five floors down and while coming home with my kid i also climb up 5 stairs.

in lunch 2 chapatis with slight ghee one vegetable two table spoon dahi, two tea spoons of rice and dal with some sort of salads may be from cucumber to carrot or palak anything in salad.

in afternoon tea one cup with one khakra or two three bisciuts 

at seven in evening if i am hungry i prepare fatafat vegetable or tomato soup in microwave ...

at around 8.30 or 9.00 i have my dinner fo rdinner i take any thing say from fast food to chapati dal vegetable but if i have prepare any fastfood item i see to it i eat moderately 

i prefer going on small walk with my hubby say around 9.30 again climbing five floors.

.in night if hungry then i have hot coffee ..with half tea spoon of sugar...

may all mummies can try this out......


 Former member 2012-02-10 13:37:44


Maintaining body weight goes hand in hand with maintaining metabolism of body...

I weighed 59kg after child birth....but I reduced with proper diet...i fluctuate between 54 to 55...

cabbage soup diet is very good for upto 2 kg loss.....and after weight loss if diet maintained then we can maintain weight...

for some people even if they eat more they dont put on weight...because their metabolism rate is good...

you can make a powder of Thippili, black pepper and Jeera and eat daily half spoonful of this powder...these help increase metabolism. Having south Indian rasam also increases metabolism.  having rasam was a must thosedays...

if u have one spoon flax seed in morning empty stomach is also good for weight loss...though it is a seed, it has potential of a grain...it is rich in omega 3 fattyacids, antioxidant rich and fibre . but u shudnt swallow as such...need to chew it properly fr proper absorption in body...and dont exceed one spoon just because it is tasty because it might have adverse effects check this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flax

you will get flaxseed in nuts and spices - the roasted and salted one is




 Former member 2012-02-10 13:39:10


 * the roasted and salted one is very very tasty..


pinky2010 2012-02-10 15:00:32


 hi ppl,

   dont be on a rigourous diet.. night have to be very cautious and i tak oats or very light dinner....have small portion of fruit at regular interval.. no juices if u r looking for weight loss.. i heard tat rice contains more n more carbohydrates but am not sure abt boiled or cooker... dont skip anythin instead take small quantity..becas after u acheived ur desired weight  u tend to eat well n gain those weight.... so exercise well and burn calories...  i lost 7 kgs after my regular diet n exercise and if i eat well one day i ll gain 1 kg surely....ah ah wat to do we r all humans and have cravings... 

all d best ppl... be fit....



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